Gossip Girl Caption Contest 187

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Welcome to the 187th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic, where readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama! Ready to see who came away victorious this time out?

Your Caption Contest winner is purple-passion. Congratulations and nicely played!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to kittiwitti and only_one. Thanks to all for playing as always, and best of luck once again in next week's edition!

Out in L.A.

Nate: So whats new with you?
Serena: I just started working with this director who I've never heard of, I'm taking advice from a guy who clearly wants to take me down and surprisingly not in that way, and I'm currently holding a bag full of pot. What's new with you?
Nate: Same old same old; Cougars, pot, people wanting to take my family down, nothing new.
Serena: Winning!

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SERENA: I've spotted a teacher.
NATE: I've spotted a cougar.


Serena: wow nate!! LA really is the city of dreams. Nate: yeah! and cougars! there's one!


Serena: Ill take you to the cougar shop. Dun Dun Dun dun! keep goin till you hit the spot..


Serena: If we stop smiling, the producers are going to kill us off...
Nate: Hey, our looks aren't the only things that keep us on this show.
Serena: What then?
Nate: ...


Nate: WTF imitation iPad are you carrying?


Serena: Am I hiking my dress up high enough?
Nate: NOOOOOOO!!!!!


Sorry stupid computer got ahead of itself lol. Take two: Nate: This party is practically a collection of all the men you've slept with!
Serena: Oh yeah!
Nate: Look, there's Aaron and that guy that scammed your mum. Is there anyone you HAVEN'T slept with?
Serena: That reminds me... Where's Chuck?


Nate: This party is practically a collection of all the men you slept with!


Serena: I'm so glad we made our way back to each other Nate. Hey I have an idea, let's compare "lists" like my mom and Rufus did. Nate: Yeah, why not. I bet I beat you though. Serena: No chance. Hmmm here it goes:... In no particular order, Carter, Gabriel, Trip, Dan, Aaron, You, All the men of Paris... Nate: Okay my turn! Serena: But I haven't finished yet, there's more.. Nate: Blair, Jenny, Vanessa, Catherine, Bree, You, a few girls in Chucks little black book... Serena: STOP...now I'm horny. Take me now!!!


Serena: Just smile and follow my lead.
Nate: Smile AND follow. But that's hard... both at the same time.
Serena: It just takes practice, trust me... it took me while.
Nate: I don't know about this.
Serena: Just breathe and...
Nate: WHAT!!! Now I have to breathe at the same time too!!! I'm not superman Serena...

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