Gossip Girl Return Promo: Let Him Live!

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When Gossip Girl returns January 16, Chuck will be fighting for his life.

After nearly reuniting Chair for good, last night's crazy episode took a dark turn and gave us the second major Chuck Bass life-or-death cliffhanger in the last year and a half. How many lives does this guy have?

More importantly, will he and Blair survive the crash, and at what cost?

It looks like Blair is awake and relatively unscathed, although the fate of her baby is another story. As for Mr. Bass, he looks like he's in much poorer condition, unresponsive and leading B to pray for his survival.

How do you think this will play out, and what did you think of last night's midseason finale? Read our Gossip Girl review for a discussion of everything that went down this week in "Riding in Town Cars With Boys."

Then watch the emotional promo for the first episode of 2012 below ...

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Is it just me, or is Louis accent REALLY annoying?
Anyway, I doubt they will kill Chuck off (I hope they don't) It's good to see Blair and Dan as friends, but they would make a boring couple. Louis is weak, and doesn't deserve to have Blair as his wife.. I hope she ends up with Chuck in the end.. I think the baby could be Chucks, and Louis knew but was happy pretending the baby was his because it would put him in better standing with his family. Also.. They need to bring back Georgina soon!


at 00:11 serena says "it doesnt look good"


I'm thinking that:
We'll start in the hospital where Blair is alright but Chuck is in a coma.
Then the time jump they have been talking about.
Chuck is still in a coma and Blair has decided to go through with the wedding because the doctors are saying that after (a certain amout of time, I've been told that after 3 months it is unlikely for a person to wake up from a coma) Then as the doctors talk about it in Chuck's room, he wakes up. Of course he gets angry because Blair broke her promise and is now marrying Louis. But he decides that he must see her one more time so he crashes the wedding (The video where Ed Westwick is on set and in a scene confirms that he attends the wedding, but not wearing a suit that would be suitable for a wedding) Then, Blair sees him as he leaves because he "Can't stand to see her marry someone else." Then she runs out to find him (The pictures of Leighton running around in her wedding dress) Yup yup.


@Camilla: "It's not looking good." Probably said by Serena




I think the wedding scene will be something that Chuck is dreaming about whilst he's unconscious. The wedding shower could pre-date the first episode of s5, since we havent seen it yet, because I doubt they'd make Blair loose the baby and then get all happy and party to celebrate her marriage to a man that she has just decided to leave. Hmmm.
PS, love that Blair is praying, its so sweet.


@ KreeklovesChair: I read it in the TV Fanatic forums for Gossip Girl, there is a thread for Chuck and Blair, most of the girls that post there are Europeans and they get good info, in this case I think one of them read this on Twitter.


Prediction, max cut the brake line bc.he thought it was nates.


@aaaa...I think you have a good idea on how the show might go along. Never really thought about it, but the Grimaldi's do seem like they like the whole blackmailing. I am getting tired of the stupid sister Beatrice, and just want it to be over!! @pty..where did you read about Chuck and Serena being at the airport?


Does anyoneknow what they say in the promo around 00:11, and who is saying it? Pleas answer!!!

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