Happy Birthday, Ian Somerhalder!

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Ian Somerhalder turns 33 years old today, but The Vampire Diaries star has a specific, big-hearted birthday wish.

He doesn't want a card or a hug or a celebratory Tweet. Instead, the actor just wants you to give whatever you can to his IS Foundation, which is dedicated to protecting the environment.

"If you were intending to send me a gift for my birthday, thank you--seriously. It's incredible that people take time out just for me," Somerhalder blogged this week. "But if you are intending to send a gift this year, I beg of you not to. Let's not add to our accumulated demand on this planet: resources, manufacturing, packaging, shipping...

"Everyone who has it within their hearts to support ISF deserves some respect and love, and the only way I know how to give a little of this to so very many is to try my very best to try to send each and everyone of you a personal email. I want to reach out so I can thank you for your support and learn a little about you to discover how you fit into this remarkable family."

What else is there to say? Go HERE to donate to Ian's charity.

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Happy Birthday Ian! I think of you as my best buddy. =)


U are my best.I LOVE U! Happy birthday even if im late. Ian(Damon)


Happy Birthday !! :D


Belated Happy Birthday!! You are my star!!I love you.


Happy brithday, maybe a little too late. :p


happy birthday ian, the truth is that you're one of few people that have combined between a wonderful talent and soul, wish you the best :)


Happy Birthday and you are my fave actor 4 ever!!


Happy Birthday, Ian! Thank you for all that you do. You are such a gift to all of us. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy birthday ian!! enjoy it


I hope he has a wonderful birthday!!! He is an amazing person who loves his cats and ruhe world we live in. Real men love cats ;) God Bless

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