Harry's Law Review: Outrageous Government Conduct

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Whether football or foreclosures, the legal eagles of Harry's Law had a lot on their plates and their minds in this week's episode, "Head Games." While the episode struggled to capture my full attention, what I did detect were some serious commentaries on society.

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Perhaps my favorite aspect of this episode was learning about the "Outrageous Government Conduct" defense. Being a bit of a legal geek, I like how the characters attempted to apply it to robbery case in which the defendant was so easily relatable.

What really got me is that the jury still put her away. It's as if the writers were sending a message that America is angry at its government, but nothing is going to change, which they reflected in the jury verdict. As sad as that was, it was a nice choice.

Poor Tommy, you could tell he was taking it pretty hard. But there's always the appeal. Hang in there, man.

For Harry and Adam, a conventional case took an unconventional turn when the judge allowed experts to testify to the dangerousness of the sport of football. I wasn't quite sure what the relevance of the story was except as an interesting case study.

But, again, the writers brought something new to light about the science emerging around the idea of second impact syndrome. One thing's for sure: even if I'm not too keen on the new characters and new directions Harry's Law has decided to take, I always learn something new each week.

I also really appreciated the shout-out to the Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry in college football. Being from the Buckeye state myself, it always brings a smile to my face when they reference some of Ohio's most important cultural aspects, particularly football.

That said, I was not a fan of the emerging Oliver vs. Adam dynamic with regard to Chunhua. I know all good writing demonstrates constant tension among its characters, but could we please not fight over Chunhua just yet? Let her settle in first.

I was right with Harry when she gave Adam that rather reprimanding stare after he tried to "legislate" Chunhua's free time. Let it go, Adam.

And so, while a bit of an unexciting this week on Harry's Law, there were some learned legal lessons and brief but poignant social commentaries. What did you think of this week's episode? Sound off below!


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I actually loved the social commentary about what is happening on Wall Street and in Washington. People are angry, but they're not angry enough at the people that caused this mess. As a banker you have a social amd moral responsiblity to act in the good faith of your customer. Wall Street IBankers make high 6 figure and 7 figure salaries, yet what exactly do they produce? What value are they providing to society to merit the high salary? Blood sucking leaches... what I wouldn't give to see the top 20 worst offenders marched out off Wall Street in cuffs...


The show has less characters then last year.... Love this year and the additions to the cast. They at least have a role, something important to do. I think the writing is great and it gets people talking and thinking whether you are agree with it or not that's not the point. The point of it is to make you think and it does. The shoe store makes no sense. Selling shoes makes no sense. It has NOTHING to do with lawyers and their cases. Snow's character was just filling a void that didn't need to be filled. The show is better and has stronger intruging characters...This season is GREAT!


The language used on this show was disturbing, embarrassing, sad, and showed a pathetic lack of talent on the part of the writers.
When are we going to wake up to the fact that allowing and celebrating this type of language is a sad commentary on where our society is headed?
Tuning out for sure.


I am going to miss this show...I read that NBC is moving it to Sunday night. They better have it on Comcast's OnDemand listing (which it is currently NOT on) otherwise it will lose a lot of viewers. I am wondering about the addition of Mark Valley to the cast...why is he necessary? He is much like Detective Carter on 'Person of Interest'. He adds nothing to the show and actually detracts from the main characters.
Like C. Charles, the reviewer, I am a legal geek and enjoy learning new things that the writers throw our way almost every week. I like the fact that it is not a 'bloody' and/or 'horrific' legal show; i.e. little if any gore involved. This means I can watch with younger members of the family and not worry about what might be seen or heard for that matter.


Does Kathy feel okay? Her throat sounds rough and sore.


Here's what I really didn't like or find believable about this episode: all the profanity in the courtroom. You mean a judge wouldn't admonish any lawyer for inappropriate language? I found it very jarring and definitely took away from some pretty interesting arguments. I believe using profanity indicates a lack of wit and imagination. The characters --and writers-- should have done better.


This is a great show and last night's show was a powerful message ..........keep on keeping on...........


I agree with the comment that the show has changed direction. Halfway through our beloved show last evening, my daughter and I turned to each other and said that David Kelly needs to develop a parallel story line with the lawyer's personal lives. It's missing here and has made the show go flat. I hope we get more spice and drama in this show. Still will watch it loyally but needs depth! Also the writer's jab at JP Morgan was amazing...ouch!

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