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Hawaii Five-0 Return Promo: The Fix

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Hawaii Five-0 returns on Monday with its first episode of the new year.

Titled "Ka Ho'oponopono" ("The Fix"), fans can look forward to the murder of a teenage girl and an important question for the team to ponder: why was she targeted in the first place? And what role might Joe White play in the tragedy?

The latter topic is specifically addressed in the following CBS promo for the installment. Watch now and look forward to a winter trip to Hawaii:

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Well Lori was still there for one more episode at least!


@jschoi...LOL. I did not really even notice that guy, I am too lost in steve's eyes. ha ha. P.Lenkov tweeted that we will be seeing more of steve and his past with the seals. That I cannot wait for. To me that is the most intriguing thing about him. I love that they are gonna show us what his past was all about. Only a little more than an hour and it is H50 time (at least for us east costers)!!! Tick tick tick!


Just a few more hours till a new ep, looking forward to it. Think we will start to get some answers. Should be exciting. Hope we have some more seals the rest of this season, especially the hot one that Steve saved skydiving and he also went to North Korea. It would be ok with me if he were in every ep. Lets hope for an exciting rest of season.


I apologize Teresa and jschoi.


CBS does the promos. They are the ones receiving most of the complaints. It seems to me they know what the majority wants and are highlighting the core four. I wonder if they have any pull as to what a show does or does not do.


@jeffrey When I said Lori was hardly in the promos, I meant the holiday promos and all the promos they have been releasing lately about the show, not specific episodes. They did one and introduced the 4 main members and ony showed a small clip of Lori.


@jschoi..I am just going to enjoy tonights new epi, it is going to be lots and lots of steve so that is good. I think take it one epi at a time is the motto I am going to go by. I truly hope they do what is right by the fans and make the right move.


@jeffrey..yes we shall see. It is a mystery at this point.


I truly am sorry about hurting anyone's feelings or making people angry,I realize I could be wrong and allow for that, AmazinAlex and the others we shall see!


@amazingalex...I agree with you 100%, we don't have to accept anything. I'm just offended by anyone having the nerve to tell me I have to deal with anything.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Steve: Why do they always run?
Danny: Because I believe they hope the person chasing them ends up wrapped around a telephone pole.

Part of doing this job is knowing when you are not the one to do it.

Chin Ho