Hawaii Five-0 Return Promo: The Fix

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Hawaii Five-0 returns on Monday with its first episode of the new year.

Titled "Ka Ho'oponopono" ("The Fix"), fans can look forward to the murder of a teenage girl and an important question for the team to ponder: why was she targeted in the first place? And what role might Joe White play in the tragedy?

The latter topic is specifically addressed in the following CBS promo for the installment. Watch now and look forward to a winter trip to Hawaii:

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They have drug this Joe thing out way way to long, it's time to end it. I'm afraid that now we have Dannys ex-partner and I'm afraid we may be in for another drug out story line. Please give me back me 50, Kono, Alex, Chin ho, Danny.


Again Joe wish they show us who Shellbourne is so this storyline will come to a end lucky for us we will find out in 2.14 hope it will be the last time we see Joe then and that this show will go back to the core 4 to much characters this season!!


i have heard that Lauren German has been signed for more episodes...from now on i'll just record the show...i have been so dissapointed this season


If they do not get back to the one crime per episode show featuring the original 4, I and a number of others are done with this. They are destroying a great show.

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