Hawaii Five-0 Review: Out of The Pan, Into the Fryer

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"Alaheo Pau'ole:" Gone Forever.

Was this entire Hawaii Five-0 episode pieced together from spare parts of better episodes? There were so many disjointed pieces that I nearly got lost along the way. Given the non-sequitur nature of the hour, I’m just going to break down the main points.

A Hawaiian Wedding

Lori and Danny Handcuffed: Does anyone have any idea what point there was to this storyline? Furthermore, why did Steve feel the need to drop they key off the balcony? It all felt totally out of place.

We have not seen any indication that Lori and Danny would be romantically linked. What the heck is the “Jersey Slip” and why do you need to be handcuffed to another person for it to work? Finally, what type of horrible police officer is Danny that his handcuff key is not on a key ring of any sort... and he only has one in his possession? While I know some might fault Lori for not having her keys, she didn't bring her handcuffs, remember. They were Danny's.

Vincent Fryer, Chief of Detectives: I will take back every bad thing I said about Fryer as the head of Internal Affairs if they will just send him back! Watching Tom Sizemore violate the Miranda Rights of suspects with his “tough as nails abusive cop” overacting caused me physical pain. I now know how many of you anti-Lori fans must feel. It took all my will power not to throw something at the TV when he would spew dialog such as I have a badge that says I can do what ever I want. Makes me want to hurl just remembering it.

Then, just in case we need a reason for Fryer to be in the episode, we learn he 's gotten promoted to Chief of Detectives. Huh? what’s the Frak is “Chief of Detectives?” And regardless of what Fryer said, the head of an entire division of police would not be out busting down doors.

Joe White and Steve at Odds: I really don’t care who Shelburn is anymore. I’m so tired of the ring-around-the-rosy conversations that Steve and Joe are having about it. The story barely moves forward. If Steve really wanted to know what Joe was up to, he would have had Kono or Lori pull his cell phone records to see who he has been talking to and the facts would come flooding out. 

Then, you had Joe's last line of the episode: I was hoping you wouldn’t say that. It made one of my eyes twitch. Joe have you met Steve? He left his partner wearing handcuffs during a formalwear fitting; did you really think he was just going to drop the whole thing? 

Man Shot But Alive: I will commend the twist and turns this case took. As a whole, it was a decent concept for an investigation. However, as mentioned above, it would have been a better story without Sizemore’s Fryer tainting the scenery. It would have also been nice to see the wife walk in on the husband fresh from his coma, as having Kono and Steve telling the woman that her son was really dead as the lead in for Chin-Ho’s wedding was odd to say the least. 

Chin-Ho and Malia Got Married: That does lead us to the wedding. Ho'omaika'i (congratulations) to you both! I wish we had gotten more than four minutes of the episode dedicated to Chin-Ho and Malia. We had about 90 seconds of the guys in the fitting room and about two minutes of wedding montage. 

We're going to have to wait until 2012 to find out more about Shelburn and/or what happen to Hiro Yoshimura as Hawaii Five-O takes a break for the holidays.

Mr. Kurtzman, a great holiday gift for the fans would be to come back with an idea of what story you want to tell in an episode and go with it. You might also consider dialing back the ridiculousness as well. My eyes may hurt for months from all the rolling they did this week. 


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Just look at the wedding pics. Lori has a short dress, above her knees, just look at her legs. She could at least have another standing position, if she would have been smart.


Kim, sorry have to disagree again. Lauren is the one who looks like she needs a meal or two. Grace has some shape to her. Lauren is attractive, but they need to do something with her hair, maybe a comb once in awhile. I've never noticed any dark circles under Grace's eyes, but I think she is very attractive. Grace has certainly has more talent, and now that Lauren isn't taking up all the scenes like she did earlier in the season, we are getting a little more of Chin and Kono, who were part of why there was a second season. I watch mainly because of AOL, but with Scott, Daniel, and Grace it makes it a team. Loretto....I'm a fan of NCIS and NCIS LA also, but if you go on their sites people complain about the same things.....not real, too drawn out, don't need any additions. I watched NCIS from the start because of Mark Harmon, even before it went to number 1 and everyone else was watching American Idol.
I hope that H50 has the same success, even though I complain about some things, I would not miss this show. I feel it has the same potential if they correct a couple of mistakes.


I'm kind of envious as I don't have other shows to compare, we get them but never started watching till 50 and if Grace hadn't been in may not have watched it. Now I watch 50 and The Good Wife. Between work and school all I have time for. So it's hard for me to evaluate whats good and whats bad, so I just go by what I liked. I liked ep 12 even with its shortcomings for one reason, I thought I saw a glimpse of kono from last year. I thought Fryer was needed because of the scene with Kawika, could have a lot less of him. Kim, sorry I'm sure you're not biased, I act first think later way to often.


Steve was stabbed by Hess, not shot - and agree that he recovered too fast - even when he hit that side when leaping onto the boat, no twinge (also, how did Max get him from the bathroom floor to the sofa - McG is not a lightweight.) And that's enough of being too picky at my end. The character of Max seems to alternate from being relatively serious to being absurd. The good balance of serious and comedy is the doc on NCIS. And he plays it to perfection. Max needs that kind of balance; we know he's a comic-strip nut, and they can play that up, but not to the extreme nonsense of his outfit in the cave or, or even his histrionics when Steve and Danny hadn't replied to his invitations to his movie night, etc. Being disrespectful to the head of 5-0 ain't cool.
So - weaknesses on one of our favorite shows: poor Lori character/not needed; not well written or acted. Poor development of Max character, who could be a really solid addition if well written; drawn out Shelburne storyline; and Steve's very different persona this season than last. Even AOL noted that he had to play it differently; reflecting the uncertainties he's facing in terms of what his father was involved in - but McG is stepping back too much; allowing Lori, for instance, to confront the gov re the busload of kids; taking the lead in speaking with the father in that episode as well - and other instances. In watching the DVDs of the first season, the difference is marked. My favorite episodes so far this season: the first and the North Korea one. Some others not bad; one really bad (the Halloween one); others just okay. Always a pleasure to watch the team (of 4), but story lines are a mixed bag. I'm a fan of NCIS and NCIS LA, and there are consistently good episodes there, I feel. Want that badly for this show as well.


I think the point is Kim that Grace Park has already proven her acting chops in Battlestar Galactica so that's not the issue. And it's not that Lori's not hot or even a bad actress--it's that her character just showed up all of a sudden, as if the producers decided we needed two hot women leads instead of one. I'd rather have one strongly written character than two, one of which is sorely underused and the other sorely underwritten. And the coroner? Seriously? Episodes where he's dressing up in trench coats and fedoras or dressed as superheroes? Cmon.


@Kim...Being a Korean Canadian myselfI understand your bias.


I like Lori. I think she's a great add to the show! What's with all this Kono this and Kono that. she had appeared in the show and i don't really get it, she's not THAT great of a actress. she's not even pretty. she always looks tired and she's too thin. she always has dark circles under her eyes, has she ever heard of make up and a hair brush?


You're right Kelly I forgot about Steve's miraculous gunshot recovery. And making the medical stuff more realistic doesn't look too promising when you've brought in a coroner character who's apparently the comic relief that nobody asked for, in a character that seems borrowed from Big Bang Theory. Hell, even SVU has some funny lines so it's entirely possible to have some laughs without the show lurching violently between heavy drama and broad comedy, never more unsteadily than this season. Here's my wish: get rid of the coroner, the profiler, Sizemore's character and make Joe's character and that whole story go somewhere FAST, or dump it. Give Grace Park more to do--she was a big player on Battlestar Galactica, I don't see why she has to be reduced to doing web searches for Steve or being the obligatory tag-along when they stage an armed raid on somebody's evil lair.


I agree that Sizemore's character should have either only been in the episode where Kono was undercover for IA, or keep him as IA. Now he is chief of detectives? I think after McG punched him the face and what he forced Kono to do they would not be so forgiving. I think they would have played the anymosity between them up a little. I'm not much of a stickler to things being true to life. We all watch TV and movies, its a fantasy life, not necessarily real life. Though I see that sometimes it seems totally ridiculous. As long as I'm entertained I don't care how accurate it is. I see enough reality on the news. Although, I agree that if they start out a character being something, then switch without explaining is confusing. Lori has had several of these and they still don't know what to do with her. Joe has a purpose, he is the link from the past, although they are dragging it out a little too long. I like Max, he is what he is suppose to be, a quirky M.E. That is something they started out with and kept as is. They do give Chin a funny line now and then, when he and Kono stopped the muscle car and he walked up, tapped his gun on the window, and said "license and registration please". I remember a couple of others he and Kono have said, but you are right not as much as the others. I totally agree that Kono is being underused, although better in the recent episodes. The Lori character took way too much time away from all of them except McG. They did not need another female this early in the series as a regular cast member.


anthony_ian - I agree with a lot of what you say. I don't want the show too dark but I'd like a bit of realism in certain areas. Its not difficult to make the medical stuff a bit more realistic. When Steve got shot he looked like he was in a bad way but then Max puts a bandage on him and suddenly he's fine, not a hint of an injury. He was beaten to a pulp in ep 2.10 but hardly any after effects. If they want to show him being hit hard in the face several times, then show us the after effects of that, if not just don't show Steve getting so many hits to the face.
I loved ep 2.10 but a little bit of follow up to that ep would have been nice and ditch Lori hugging Steve. Why was she even there. She's known him a few weeks and she's going to North Korea and then throwing herself at him. As I said before wasn't she there to prevent that kind of thing happening or have the writers forgotten already her reason for being put on the team.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Danny: Good, let bye-gones be bye-gones, maybe you want to hug it out or fist bump:
Fryer: No, let's just work the case.

Tong: Those are dummy grenades
Danny: Ok, hang on to this. [hands grenade, pulls pin] If it's a dummy you will be fine, we'll be outside.
Tong: Wait! Fine, it's live
Chin Ho: You've been hanging around Steve too long.