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Great finale. I just feel that the series finale should have had something for Morena Baccarin's character. She was in the fore for much of the season, and suddenly, all her misgivings all her hesistance and issues with Brody are gone? Just with one stroke. I mean the Dana character is awesome, but Brody's wife should have some better insight into her husband's erratic behaviour, no?


Did I miss something, or did they ever reveal who the mole was inside the CIA?



Brody killed Walker, not to stay active, but to save his own life. If Nazir knew the truth (that he changed his mind about blowing himself up), one of two things would happen. Nazir will either have him killed or he would release the video of Brody confessing to being a terrorist. The latter would probably be even worse than death.

Brody did what he had to do. He killed Walker to save his own ass like he had done in Iraq. The first time he thought he killed Walker, he was haunted by the memory because Walker was his best friend, but this time around, he wasn't killing his best friend. He was killing a terrorist. Walker was not the same anymore and Brody knew it. He showed no remorse because he had no feelings for the man he was killing. By this point, Walker was a total stranger to him.


They continue to keep us guessing about Brody's intentions. If as he says to Abu Nazir, he's more valuable alive and not using violence, how much of a traitor is he to the US? Will he be like a Kim Philby, a spy rising high in the power structure? Or will he just be someone trying to influence the US to fight its wars differently? That's already long been a debate among Americans. Obviously Brody already broke laws and intended to cause great harm, but if the future is now all about influencing people, thought isn't a crime, is it? Nice moral ambiguity there.

Still, by the attempted bombing, he's thrown his hand in with the enemy, and it becomes difficult for him to come clean or become a double agent for the US in any way. He could continue to be loyal to Abu Nazir, or just be loyal to himself, stringing Abu Nazir along while continuing to live his life.

Brody killing Walker also has its ambiguities, the act serving many functions: demonstrating commitment to Abu Nazir, being an act of patriotism against a terrorist, or simply protecting himself from a potential loose end.

Carrie did prevent the bomb attack (with some help from Dana) but appears as a failure to her peers -- quite the lesson in life not being fair.


Sooo, correct me if I'm wrong, but Walker's body was just left there after Brody shot him and Walker was (allegedly) the one who stole the memory card left in the stone park bench. I thought the finale and show were brilliant, but I wonder what will happen to that video Brody made explaining his actions. I think that would be pretty career ending for a politician.


If Brody killed the VP and those responsible for the deaths of 82 children I would have had no problem with that; so long as he did it in such a way as to allow himself to survive and not be implicated in the bombing. Otherwise, his actions would have been totally hypocritical and irrational. One does not avenge the death and suffering of innocents by killing and/or causing the suffering of more innocents (unless his idiotic misinterpretation of scripture tells him to). If Brody was able to carry out his mission that's exactly what he would have done. Brody's own children and family would have become victim's of his vengeance. I think Brody realized this only after his vest malfunctioned and he was able to speak to his daughter (as Bill mentioned below, she helped him snap out of it). Besides being a gripping, emotional, and intense one and a half hours of television, I hope that message at least got through to some people.

I think Claire Danes should win every acting award there is for Homeland. I'm no critic, all I have to go on is how an actor makes me feel. I am still haunted by the scene 2 weeks ago when Estes' Secret Servicemen were pulling Carrie's timeline off the wall. The aftershocks still resonate from what I can only describe as a visceral earthquake. That was some powerful stuff!


Brody stopped by his daughter, who, in her heart, knows. Carrie, in her psychosis, still the hero...and no one will EVER know. That was all terrific.I thought it was a great Season Finale...right up until the meet between Brody and Walker. I just don't buy it. I don't buy that Brody, a thinking conspirator, shoots an effective co-conspirator just to stay active. I don't buy that he would believe he was doing the right thing, which he thought he was doing when he wanted to kill the VP. I really thought this series was well thought out...But that makes no sense, and is contrived....and it lost me. It was a huge misstep, considering Brody was haunted by his FIRST killing of Walker. This is akin to the moment in Heroes in the first season when I realized that the Battle Royale of two super powered characters was going to be a fist fight.

What a huge huge waste.


Outstanding episode/finale! The storyline is brilliant, the plotline fiendishly clever, and the acting -- especially Claire Danes and Damian Lewis -- is unbelievable. In fact, damn, they're all good. Mandy Pantikin, the girl who played daughter Dana -- just amazing. I can't wait for Season 2!


In my opinion.. the acting is fantastic.. and the story is believeable.

and I thought tht Kiefer sutherland was great in 24.. this puts it to shame.. when will homeland return ... I cannot wait..


I probably shouldn't be surprised that some people wanted a formulaic solution/ending to the season. I'm delighted that isn't what the writers and Micheal Cuesta gave us.

This series is probably some of the best written/acted television I've ever seen. There isn't a wasted word, motion or scene - all of them are important. The pacing was wonderful - it kept the suspense building and I never lost interest. As was mentioned - the acting - well, I believed the characters. It wasn't Claire and Damien playing parts - it was Carrie and Brody being themselves.

For the people who were disappointed - well - I am sure there are some shows you'll like. Maybe Dexter (which was also originally directed by Michael Cuesta) - which has certainly become formulaic over the past 3-4 seasons (and really should be put to bed.. it's becoming a soap opera without any humor.)

I DVR two shows on Sunday night - Dexter and Homeland. Got home late last night and only had time to watch one.. you can guess which one got watched. I'll get around to Dexter's finale sooner or later, but there isn't any rush to.

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