How I Met Your Mother Sneak Peek: What Happened?!?

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Robin dropped quite the shocker on How I Met Your Mother viewers last episode - and the ramifications will continue to be felt on Monday's "Symphony of Illumination."

As you can see in the following clip, it will take Barney several instances of passing out before his ex-girlfriend's news sinks in. You may then be surprised by his reaction once it does... along with the reason why Robin knows for certain that any potential baby cannot be Kevin's.

Watch now, laugh now and then return to TV Fanatic full a complete rundown soon after the installment airs:

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THANK GOD this is not a "Who's the daddy" plot. I'm looking out for the episode much more after this (:


Can´t wait to see the episode.


loved this scene and love this couple. :)) hope its Robin Barney is getting married to:)


LMFAO!!!! that was hillarious.. I love these two


She's probably not even pregnant. The doctor will say she's late due to stress about her and Kevin's relationship, and all will be handy dandy.

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