Merry, Merry Christmas from TV Fanatic!

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On this most joyous of holidays, for just a few moments, the TV Fanatic staff would like to stop arguing over Glee, ogling over Damon Salvatore and counting down the days until the return of Mad Men, in order to say:

We hope you and yours have a merry Christmas and a safe, happy holiday season.

We'll leave you for now with a classic clip from an episode of The West Wing and a toast of our eggnog glasses. Thank you for your readership and best wishes.


I will put the "Glee Christmas Episode Debate" in the past and wish everyone and the staffs a merry Christmas. Happy holidays and may 2012 be a beautiful year for


merry christmas to you too you guys are amazing!:D i don't know what i would've done without you! i hope 2012 would be as good a year as 2011 was


Thank you for your hard work. I thoroughly enjoy your articles, whether I agree or not. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Look forward to reading your columns in 2012.