NCIS Return Promo: "Housekeeping"

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NCIS returns next week with its first episode of 2012, and the first since September's Season 9 premiere to address the mysterious Phantom Eight storyline that almost resulted in Tony's demise.

In "Nature of the Beast," Scott Wolf's Agent Stratton was exposed as a villain with more than one identity and serious, ulterior motives. Wolf is back January 3, as is Sarah Jane Morris.

E.J's (Morris') reappearance may force DiNozzo to confront his past once again, according to CBS, as the investigation into the murder of a Navy Commander leads NCIS to her whereabouts.

How will that play into Stratton's plan to eliminate everyone who saw him gun down an NCIS agent? Is her relationship with Tony now strained beyond repair? We'll find out Tuesday at 8.

Check out the promo for "Housekeeping" and share your thoughts below:

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Maybe someone can help me out here, but who is that guy in black next to EJ who shoots at that white thing near the house, and then there's that horrendous sound, like someone being shot? Is the man shooting Agent Stratton, who is actually an officer of another intelligence agency? Just want to clarify. But the resolution between Tony and EJ should be interesting to watch thought, I would like to see her reasoning for leaving Tony supposedly dead on the ground. Should be an interesting episode :)


I hope Tony is the hero in this one, cause I'm tired of the big hero scenes going to Ziva and Gibbs too. I wouldn't mind at all if Tony and EJ had a mostly off screen ongoing romance. I like her as a recurring character and a love interest for Tony. I know a lot of Tiva fans don't want this, but Ziva is so smug, competitive, and sometimes just plain cruel to Tony, that I just don't see anything resembling real affection between them.


I love the picture of EJ and Tony in bed so sweet


hi tiva love your comment you are so right.doesnt you know who make you laugh.


I`m not really happy that EJ being back. I hope she only on for this episode and no more I just want to see what happen to her and where has she has been. and Sratton I hope Tony is the hero. I loe Gibbs and Ziva but I would like Tony or McGee to be the hero at times too.


I too am looking forward to EJ comeback when ever see on My TV with Michael its like they been married for years you can see the love for each other


I'm excited about EJ and Stratton coming back. I want to know where EJ has been and what happened to her after Nature of the Beast. I hope this episode has lots of action and drama for Tony. Can't wait.


welcome back michael.


joleneAL you are so right


EJ back now she annd Tony can take out Ziva for trying to kill her