New Girl Review: To Bed or Not to Bed

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I think I cracked a rib laughing so hard at "Bad in Bed," this week's new episode of New Girl. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is one of the funniest episode I've seen from any comedy all year. High praise, huh?

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The Good. The comedy was at its best tonight. I saw stronger shadings in characterizations than in the past, and a well-balanced Jess in terms of quirky versus adorable. All these lead me to believe they're finally finding their footing in handling these personalities, figuring out how they want these characters to behave.

The funny was non-stop. I watched this twice, and it holds up on second-viewing. I think it bodes well that this is the first episode I've wanted to re-watch. Jess finding the porn, her convo with the guys, the bizarre turn of her second attempt at sexy time with Paul. Schmidt's behavior at his VP's party. They were all pitch-perfect and the jokes landed as they were meant to. What's even better was that I liked ALL the characters, not just one or two (or just Schmidt, as is usually the case).

The personas are definitely taking shape, and there's more of an emphasis on certain traits than in the past. Nick's do-it-yourself personality had a chance to emerge again. Gone is his straight-man status. He has quirks of his own now, like his aversion to intimacy. Schmidt is just as outrageous as ever, unwavering in his belief in himself. It's always balanced with a sweet sensibility, which makes it difficult to dislike him, except by his office nemesis (played by Eva Amurri). And now Winston gets to play the straight-man freely. It finally works against the backdrop of everyone's craziness.

The Bad. Nothing. Loved all of it!

Stray Observations:

  • Holy smokes, Ms. Deschanel has a hot body!
  • Did you all know Eva Amurri is Susan Sarandon's daughter? The resemblance is pretty uncanny.
  • I need more Cece please. Her scenes tonight were too short.
  • I think I'll stop smoking my shipping pipe, and forget about Nick and Jess for now. The writers don't seem to be going there yet. Although you can take Nick's "Okay" to Paul's hello to be from his grouchy tendencies OR jealous disdain. Your choice. 

I'd like more episodes like this please. I can't get enough. If you're like me, you'll want to re-live the funny through our quotes page!


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I still enjoy the show every week because it's 20 min of fun but I did like Jess better at the very beginning! I really like when she was really weird!!


Loved it. My favorite part, though, was actually Paul doing Jimmy Stewart. I think they're letting go of any attempts to hook up Jess and Nick. Paul is just too perfect for her.

Tony williams

Jess is way to neurotic and quirky, and I am not feeling her and Paul (he's too wussy). Schmidt is plain funny and I am a huge fan but it is way to soon for him to be an over the top metro-sexual although the girl leaving the house was classic (life of the party guy still scores) Nick...I actually look forward to scenes with him and Paul cause he hates him so!, but short scenes not working :(


i thought jess was still too neurotic and quirky for the first half of the show - i was cringing. but the attempted sex scene between her and justine long - with the accents - was absolutely hysterical. i agree - one of the funniest things i've seen on TV this year. loved nick's haircut. and yes, more cece!


Didn't like "over the top"! The first couple of episodes were the best.


Yay, finally they ventured out of the apartment for more than one scene. I thought this was a good episode, Jess and the starfish outfit - too funny.


OMG I love this show its cute and funny!

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