Once Upon a Time Review: More Dangerous Than the Dragon

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Once Upon a Time is such a delightful addition to Sunday nights. Somehow this fairy tale drama manages to tug at my heart, inspire my imagination and leave me counting the days until the next episode.

"The Shepherd" threw us yet another twist. Just when I thought I knew what to expect, the series took my concept of the fairy tale world and turned it upside down.

The Prince is dead. Well, that got my attention. When that beast of a man bore his weapon through the Prince's chest, I couldn't imagine where the story went from there. Then Rumplestiltskin showed up and brought the dark side of the fairy tale world along with him.

So our Prince Charming wasn't born a prince, he was forced into the position. King George turned out to be a heck of a guy? I expected that kind of treatment from Rumplestiltskin, but the new Prince killed the dragon only to have the King threaten to kill him, his mother and burn their farm. Talk about going back on your word.

Mary Margaret Pic

Back in Storybrooke, David wouldn't leave Mary Margaret alone, even when she was determined to do the right thing. He kept telling her that the man who married Kathryn didn't exist anymore. My question for him was this: what happens when he returns?

I felt for David at that party. There's nothing more uncomfortable than being the center of attention for a bunch of people you have no memory of who desperately want you to remember them. 

When he left his wife and tried to convince Mary Margaret that they were meant to be together, she finally broke down and decided to go with her heart... only to get it crushed.

This was the worst kind of heartbreak because, officially, no one really did anything wrong. Kathryn wanted her husband back. Mary Margaret waited until he left his wife to go to him and David was so lost he was simply reaching out to the only thing that felt real. That was until he remembered.

The moment David spoke with Regina I knew things were going to go horribly wrong. When she couldn't stop him, she sent him to Mr. Gold's. I both loved and hated that he still had those creepy puppets from last week. They make me cringe whenever I see them.

As much as I disliked it, David did the right thing. He needed to resolve his old life before he could think about starting a new one.

And poor Mary Margaret followed her heart down a road that led to nothing but despair. She couldn't seem to catch a break. When she was looking to lick her wounds, who showed up but that smug doctor. Isn't' that just how it works in real life?  It's the guy you don't want who won't leave you alone.

The side story of the night was Emma finding the Sheriff jumping out of Regina's window. Emma looked disgusted and Graham sounded so pathetic when he told her that he wasn't only the Mayor's boy toy. He really does work at an animal shelter, too. The two made me laugh and I was thankful for the well placed bit of humor to disrupt Mary Margaret's heartache.

So how will the Prince ditch snarly Abigail and wind up with Snow White? Will Mary Margaret fall into the clutches of the smarmy doctor? And, dare I say it, will David find a happy ending with Kathryn? I'll be counting the days until I get my answers. How about you?


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Another "LOST" reference ..............MacCutcheon Whisky.........GOOD STUFF!!!


I have been hooked on this show since the pilot episode.I wonder what favor Rumpalstilskin will ask of Emma "when the time is right",has anyone else thought about the little boy Henry? I think he may be Regina's dad reincarnated.I love this show!can't wait 'til next weeks show, will Emma stay employed as a deputy,or will she quit because of the sheriff's sexual arrangements with Regina? I think Emma was kinda crushing on the sheriff,just a little.

Ronald simkins

so sad that Sunday night football is probably going to torpedo the whole lineup.


I never knew that the fairy tales ware so complicated, that gives hope to the real life :)


@Steffanie they are not related because the Charming its not the soon of the king, he maid a deal to get an baby and Rumpelstiltskin take the baby from other people (Charmin´s mom) and give it to the king so they are not related by blood. If its into a Guess, I think that Cinderella is the real daughter of the king and he traded her for an heir (a boy), so that well explain the wand-related to the king´s family


Anyone notice the whiskey? Love the Lost references!


Reading our Friendly Fanatic Staff Writer's review got me thinking. We saw those puppets from last week's ep. in Mr. Gold's pawn shop along with the windmill. I'm wondering if there are other hints on the shelves that tie into other eps. from earlier this year and perhaps from eps. yet to be. I'll have to remember to keep a look out for any "Easter Eggs" hiding in the pawn shop. Poor Mary. I feel so bad for her. Ginnifer Goodwin does a great job at making her such a sympathetic character. She does an equally good job at making her Snow White alter ego a strong, heroic character. @ NICOLE Good catch with the toll-troll thing. Never crossed my mind. @ ALE In an early episode Regina/Queen mentioned that something or someone that she cared a great deal about was taken from her. Could be Charming's brother.


I really liked this episode - I think it's my favourite so far. My goodness, Josh Dallas is soooo blasted handsome, I'd watch him all day... Like everyone else, I didn't see the prince switch coming at all - that freaked me out! Anyone else notice that he was a shepherd in the fairy tale world and his name is David in Storybrooke? Fairy tales AND Biblical allusion - Abigail was also the name of one of David's wives in the Bible. Gotta love these writers. I also like how they're tying all the stories together. Ginnifer Goodwin is awesome - my heart really goes out to Mary Margaret, but we knew that their happy ending wouldn't come so easily. I do kind of wish that there was another "evildoer" besides Rumpelstiltskin - he's like the Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files, behind every single misfortune in the land! The preview for next week looks exciting...


Did anyone else notice that they referred to the same bridge in the past and present?? They mentioned the troll(toll?) bridge in the carriage while Snow waits to rob them, and that's where they met the first time in reality! I'm more convinced than never that the fairytale land is currently under Storybrooke!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!


Did anyone else see the correlation between the fairy godmother's wand, Cinderella's family and the Family of Prince Charming? I wonder how they all tie together family wise. How is Cinderella related to Prince Charming's Royal family BEFORE marriage?

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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Whoever married Kathryn, it's not me. I didn't choose her. I'm choosing you.


David: Come on. Don't tell me it's one sided.
Mary Margaret: You're married. It should be no side.