Once Upon a Time Review: No One Is Safe

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Let the money change hands and the mourning begin.

"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" finally revealed that, as many fans had wagered, Sheriff Graham was the Huntsman from Snow White. And just when I was sold on the chemistry between him and Emma, the Queen stole him back the only way she could.

I love Once Upon a Time because it's like a mini-movie every week and I'm completely enthralled by this intriguing other world filled with characters that feel familiar yet completely new.

One kiss with Emma and Graham is more than just enchanted, he's spellbound. Memories of his fairytale life come flooding back, including his spirit guide. It's the same wolf that ran Emma off the road to keep her in Storybrooke.

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Before you know it, Graham is spiraling out of control with strange memories, the type that lead him to Mary Margaret and then Henry, who is the only one who doesn't think he's delusional.

As the story unfolds, we find out the reason Graham is with Regina but feels nothing is because - as the Evil Queen - she ripped out his heart Indiana Jones-style and holds it hostage. The best part about Graham's search for his missing heart is that it leads to his breakup with Regina where he tells her that feeling nothing is better than being with her. Oh, you know that's not going to go over well. 

Then, Regina provokes a fight with Emma over her man. Calling it a cat fight is underestimating these two women. They're more like tigers. The power radiates off of both of them. Someday it'll be fun to see a brawl between them that doesn't get cut short.

The end is heartbreaking. Graham tenderly ministers to Emma's wounds as Regina stalks down her secret passageway to her lair... where a heart awaits her vice-like grip. The final scene proves two things: Emma's walls can't protect her heart from being broken - and Regina is definitely an evil witch.

Other questions I'm left with:

  • What type of gardening was Mr. Gold doing in the forest?
  • What secret did Snow White spill that led the Evil Queen to want her dead?
  • Is there a reason why the wolf has one red and and one black?

I can't believe we have to wait until January to see the rest of Snow and Charming's love story or find out if Emma suspects Regina's involvement in Graham's death. As much as I love the holidays, I'll be counting the days until this fascinating fairy tale returns.


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I just got started with this show and I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate that Sheriff died! WTF!!!! I haaaaate it soooooo muuuuuuuuch!


I really loved the first few episodes, but Emma has become too cocky and macho acting for me... Just wondering if anyone else feels the same?


Why do they always kill a character that the audience begins to fall in love with ? There was Boone on Lost, Nick on The Secret Circle and now Graham.
I'm so sad but I hope to see Jamie Dornan angain (he a great job on this episode) since there's also a huntsman on The Red Riding Hood story.


Much better than last episode. Dornan was great this episode. I see no chemistry between the Sheriff and the Mayor or Emma.


so let me first just say I started watching this series two days ago on hulu and I am already completely caught up and completely addicted! I dont understand why everyone didnt believe regina knew who she was. except for her reading the book once she acquired it from henry she has as always hinted that she knew. PLUS in the opening they say one knows the truth while regina is looking in the mirror. I think that she read the book so confused because as they say there are always two sides to every story and I think that the book was obviously written by the good side which is why she was reading it with confusion. as for the huntsman, no way he is dead, I think it will be a cop-out (thank god because I am in love with him) and he will just have heart problems and be rushed to the hospital and be fine. there is a reason this episode was before the month long hiatus you have to have something HUGE that will make sure everyone will come back in january and watch it. and if they did kill him off. well f u he is too hot to leave the show


Love but HATE this epi cos Graham died! I really dont think he'll be back and that the IMDB listing may just be involving him in flashbacks though. Not the actual real story. Sigh. I absolutely HATE it when they kill off major characters like this just for shocking value. And i HATE that the show (altho captivating) is moving so slow, it's like we move one step forward and then TEN steps backward. A character will have some revealing moments, (read : charming waking up, graham remembering) and then the Queen ALWAYS wins the upperhand! It's like come on, gimme a break already, can the writers just let the "good guys" win SOMETHING?? It's So frustrating!


Hmm, here is a thought. Graham was crying when he remembered and kissed Emma...so he could feel again. Maybe he recovered his heart from the Queen somehow - just in time? Also, a few people have mentioned his tie to red riding hood, and I agree there should be some kind of link. Is the original huntsman raised by wolves? It just seems like they put that in his background for a reason.


From what we've seen in Fairytale Land, those that die *there* cannot be resurrected in any form. As proof, I sumbit the example of 1) the real Prince James, skewered unexpectedly during a demonstration; 2) The Blue Fairy told Jiminy Cricket that she could not undo what happened to Geppetto's parents; 3) Cinderella's godmother was snuffed out by that wand, and 4) EQ (Evil Queen) could not just have her dad's body walking around without a heart, a la the Hunstman. Some things are final in Fairytale Land. BUT...we know Graham had a real heart in the "real" world because Emma felt it beating. That plastic thing wasn't his real heart. Regina's dark magic is faltering, which is the whole reason the clock is moving forward, and Emma's presence is changing things. Still, I think advertising his death would be seen as a cheat if he really didn't die. Maybe Graham dies. But, in the end, the Huntsman will live happily ever after...with Emma!


Great review! Conveyed the heavy sense of foreboding of this latest episode very well. I'm disappointed that the sheriff didn't question Mr. Gold more about what the heck he was doing "gardening" in the middle of the woods. I guess he had other things on his mind at the time. Disappointed too that we'll have to wait a little while to have some more answers. Observation: Regina-as-evil-queen has the most perfectly delicious evil sneer when she speaks. Not everyone can pull that off so charismatically.


You guys got me all hopeful now that you wrote you though Mr. Gold was burying his real heart!!! Oh man, I feel like I don't know the show well enough to have my hopes this high, and with the writers being the same as LOST they had no problem killing off characters. :(

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