Once Upon a Time Review: No One Is Safe

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Let the money change hands and the mourning begin.

"The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" finally revealed that, as many fans had wagered, Sheriff Graham was the Huntsman from Snow White. And just when I was sold on the chemistry between him and Emma, the Queen stole him back the only way she could.

I love Once Upon a Time because it's like a mini-movie every week and I'm completely enthralled by this intriguing other world filled with characters that feel familiar yet completely new.

One kiss with Emma and Graham is more than just enchanted, he's spellbound. Memories of his fairytale life come flooding back, including his spirit guide. It's the same wolf that ran Emma off the road to keep her in Storybrooke.

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Before you know it, Graham is spiraling out of control with strange memories, the type that lead him to Mary Margaret and then Henry, who is the only one who doesn't think he's delusional.

As the story unfolds, we find out the reason Graham is with Regina but feels nothing is because - as the Evil Queen - she ripped out his heart Indiana Jones-style and holds it hostage. The best part about Graham's search for his missing heart is that it leads to his breakup with Regina where he tells her that feeling nothing is better than being with her. Oh, you know that's not going to go over well. 

Then, Regina provokes a fight with Emma over her man. Calling it a cat fight is underestimating these two women. They're more like tigers. The power radiates off of both of them. Someday it'll be fun to see a brawl between them that doesn't get cut short.

The end is heartbreaking. Graham tenderly ministers to Emma's wounds as Regina stalks down her secret passageway to her lair... where a heart awaits her vice-like grip. The final scene proves two things: Emma's walls can't protect her heart from being broken - and Regina is definitely an evil witch.

Other questions I'm left with:

  • What type of gardening was Mr. Gold doing in the forest?
  • What secret did Snow White spill that led the Evil Queen to want her dead?
  • Is there a reason why the wolf has one red and and one black?

I can't believe we have to wait until January to see the rest of Snow and Charming's love story or find out if Emma suspects Regina's involvement in Graham's death. As much as I love the holidays, I'll be counting the days until this fascinating fairy tale returns.


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I think there is a strange connection between Emma and Grahm and he can't be dead. there is something going on and when he remembered certain things i think Emma could have been in it. may be its just my wishful thinking but hopefully Gold has buried Grahm's heart. Love the show, fairy tales really bring the naive and yet very interesting and twisted plot. Can't get enough of the show. can't wait


Someone posted this on imdb. Might not be true but gives me a little bit of hope that he might not be dead. Yay! "When The Sheriff sees Rumpel in the woods with a shovel - was Rumpel hiding The Sheriff's heart?
Rumpel knows what is going on - and in the preview for the next episode The Evil Queen says to Rumpel "Are you really going up against me." Perhaps this statement is in response to The Evil Queen learning that The Sheriff did not die even though she crushed his heart.
Rumpel was in the woods for a reason - it must be an important reason since we the viewers were made aware of Rumpel's presence in the woods."


Someone suggested a theory that I'm fervently hoping is true because I REALLY don't want Graham to be gone for good. What if Mr. Gold had gotten a hold of Graham's real heart and performed a bait and switch on Regina and the real heart is what he was burying. I don't believe he was burying the wolf because we saw it in the graveyard leading Graham to the mausoleum. The fact that Graham collapsed might have been part of the effect the fake heart had on Graham to fake out the EQ. As has been noted, Gold doesn't seem to be inherently evil, but more like a guy who has his own reasons for doing anything who doesn't mind doing evil if that is what furthers his own ends. I could see him saving Graham because he wants something for himself down the line. I adore characters with this kind of moral ambiguity because you never really know what they're going to do next. Also, maybe it's just because of the show's slight similarity to the comic book "Fables" but I still don't believe that Graham doesn't turn out to be the Big Bad Wolf - and after last night's episode, I'm only more convinced that there is a link there. I mean, he was raised by wolves, he got his heart ripped out and felt nothing, so he probably did some evil things on behalf of the EQ. Either way, his story didn't feel "finished" to me. I felt like there was more to be learned about him. Again, I hope I'm right and it's not just wishful thinking on my part.


Loved it so much I watched it twice back to back. I really wish they didn't have to kill him. He and Emma were having some pretty good chemistry but it was a wonderful episode overall. The backstory of the huntsman is one that I never thought of to tell. I hope that there is some way in the world, this one or theirs or another, that will bring him back. I also love Emma's final line to Regina asking her to start taking some responsibility for everything that goes on.


Gah! I was quite upset when Graham died, so very sad.. Anyway, can't wait until January!


I love this show, I just wish they hadn't killed of Graham. I also thought that Mr. Gold had killed the wolf. Hopefully not.


I believe that the whistle probably holds some sort of magical power and this is what will bring him back ~ just a prediction but I guess we have to wait and see...


Nooooo graeme is gone. Mr Gold owns a pawn shop. Think about it. Everyone is a pawn in his little game....


"I love Once Upon a Time because it's like a mini-movie every week and I'm completely enthralled by this intriguing other world filled with characters that feel familiar yet completely new." Well said! I've fallen in love with this show. Last night's episode was absolutely incredible. Like many of the other commenters, I predicted Graham's death but that doesn't mean it made it any easier to see him go. I'm trying not to fret too much though because I'm hoping he isn't really gone for good. Poor Emma!


That was a really great episode but I cannot help but mourn the death of Graham. I loved how this episode first and foremost introduced the revival of memories. It was pretty much out of nowhere that he of all characters were to remember. And I loved how those memories began by kissing Emma. I also really appreciated the romantic moments that transpired between Emma and Graham. I think it was really great to see that vulnerability from her and that's what made it harder to see Graham die. What was probably the most interesting aspect of this episode is how it showed a clear connection between the elements of both worlds. Seeing Regina go to her collection of hearts was eerie but it opened up a door of endless possibilities.

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