Private Practice Midseason Report Card: A-

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Some say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But, as TV Fanatics, we might disagree, considering our favorite primetime shows are currently on hiatus.

But at least this break gives us an opportunity to evaluate the progress of various programs - from The Walking Dead to The Secret Circle - at this midway point of their seasons, as we do below in this Private Practice Report Card...


Best Character: To say Amelia has been remarkable would be an understatement. She’s made me laugh, smile, cry and so much more. This season has especially shown how vital she is to the practice and how much her story has touched our lives. As we witnessed Amelia in her darkest hour, we saw a completely different girl from the first bubbly one we met. Her performance has been amazing, and I hope that the second half of this season will show her back on track and well again. While I’d like to see the entire staff supporting Amelia, I’d especially love to see her rekindle her friendships with both Sheldon and Charlotte. 

Worst Character: Although I’ve loved the feedback in regards to our recently-implemented Violet Annoyance Scale, I can honestly also say that she is not the worst character of this season. It’s a solid tie between Sam and Pete. I’m disappointed in both of their poor demeanors and recent actions.

First, my disdain for Sam continued to intensify as he made completely no sense at all by wanting to be with Addison but having no desire to bear a child with her. He consistently stated that he loved and supported her, but having another child was the last thing on his mind. At least there are no excuses for Pete’s irate behavior. As you know, I am not the biggest Violet fan, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated with complete disrespect. It’s time for Pete to take some anger management courses.  

Best Episode: It’s no contest. “Who We Are” went down in Private Practice history as Shonda Rhimes and company (and especially Caterina Scorsone) delivered a powerful and tragic story of an addict. I watched this mind-blowing episode more than once and was left awestricken and teary-eyed every single time. Similar to last season’s astounding “Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?," this installment was truly unforgettable and a defining moment for our favorite doctors at Seaside Wellness.

Best Ongoing Storyline: It’s a close one between Amelia’s and Addison’s. While I’ve loved every bit of Amelia’s intriguing storyline, how can I not go with Addie’s journey to become a mother? We’ve been with Addison since day one, when she first arrived in Los Angeles seeking Naomi’s help after she first realized that she wanted a baby. Furthermore, we’ve seen her struggle throughout the years and watched her effortlessly continue to hope that motherhood wasn’t impossible for her.

While the midseason finale left off with a cliffhanger of Addie seen with a pregnancy test, I can’t help but hope that the results are positive because becoming a mother has always meant everything to Addie. Whether the IVF worked or not, or even if it’s through adoption, Addison seriously deserves a baby and happiness.

Best Addition: Jake! Who isn’t a fan of Benjamin Bratt?!? I can honestly say, though, I didn’t think that I’d become so attached to his character right off the bat and was sort of surprised how easily and fast he’d fit into the group. There’s also no denying the sparks that fly when Addie and Jake are together. He’s been a great addition and a phenomenally caring doctor, and I am ecstatic that he is a part of Addison’s happiness. Team Jake all the way!

Best Bromance: Sam and Jake. Although they’ve got their differences in opinions at the office and the hospital, Sam and Jake’s budding bromance was a nice and special addition to the drama. The basketball, shooting pool and bar scenes were fun to watch and even Sam and Jake’s arguments aren’t so bad. More, please.

Most Mis/Underused Character: Sheldon. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Writers, please give Sheldon an actual storyline. Sure, we get that he is a supportive friend and plays the sound role in medical debates and discussions. However, it’s just not enough. I hope that he will continue to play a role in Amelia’s road to recovery, but I also would love to see him with his own plot and story.

Grade So Far: A-

Hopes for 2012: That Pete and Violet are officially through and move on separately, while finding a way to still work together to be the parents that Lucas needs. I want more Charlotte and Cooper, too. The first half has lacked tremendously, and I’ve always loved seeing this awesome couple together. I’m also looking forward to more interesting medical cases that involve all of the doctors and highlight fascinating stories of patients. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, give Sheldon something to work with and it’s time for Addison to have a baby (preferably without Sam). And lastly, maybe Jake could make her happy.

Agree? Disagree? Chime in with your grade now!


meilleur personnage ; charlotte et cooper que j'aime le plus et que je trouve qui manque cruellement auriez vous peur que? kadee vole la vedette a Addison?
sa ce pourrait bien
Pire ; violette je comprend que pet devient fou,elle a craqué a force de vouloir tout analysé elle devient énervante
Amélia bof j'ai pas accroché avec elle Sheldon le pauvre il fait pitié il a pris un coup en plus il est toujours seul
Adisson c'est n'importe quoi elle tombe amoureuse a chaque foi qu'il y a un beau mec pour fini je pense Adi enceinte de jack , quand sa sera fini entre sam et elle jack va lui avoué qu'elle est enceinte de lui ne lui avait il pas promis un bébé?


Amelia has been amazing thus far and I definitely agree on the fact that her storyline was the best (so far) this season to watch; it was equal parts heartbreaking and touching. On another note, Violet's on the path to redemption (well, that is, in my eyes). She's slowly finding herself again; kudos to Amy Brenneman for playing her character so well. Maybe in time we'll even banish the need for the VAS, who knows! :) Happy Holidays everyone!


I basically agree with everything you said. Amelia is definitely my favorite character this season and Caterina Scorsone has done an amazing job with the material she's been given. I was a little disappointed the writers did not have any of her sisters, Derek or her mother come to LA for the intervention episode though. Seemed a bit unlikely that Addison wouldn't call them (or at least Derek) when they were worried enough to start checking the morgues before Amy returned to the practice. Sam and Pete are the worst characters, hands down. I cut Pete some slack in the beginning because Violet's attitude concerning the whole book disaster was extremely annoying again and he did suffer a heart attack, but his demeanour got worse and worse with every episode. And Sam? Can't stand him at all anymore. He's turned into this cold, arrogant and condescending wannabe alpha male character, who's got nothing to do with the sweet and a little dorky Sam we met in season 1 and 2. I hated the way he talked to Amelia about her addiction. And he's been like that way too long now. I don't see how they can ever fully redeem him again. Best episode: "Who We Are", obviously. Amelia's addiction plot is my favorite story in general. Her emotional rollercoaster ride has been so well portrayed. And I was so excited to see the flashback to the robbery and her father's death. That was really well done and I hope we'll get to see more of her journey towards a new beginning in the second half of the season. I want her to rekindle her friendships with Sheldon, Charlotte and Addison most of all. I do like Addison's story a lot as well. I would enjoy it a lot more if Addison would not have to walk on egg shells all the time because of Sam though. Everyone who knows Addison also knows that she wants to be a mother. Sam knew this before he got involved with her and he still acts as if it's a total surprise that she's serious about getting a baby now. And their stupid plan to let Addison raise the baby as a single mother while continuing their relationship is either the saddest or funniest piece of writing I've seen on TV in a long time. Best addition: Jake, hands down. He's a wonderful addition to the cast. I'm very interested in his family history and I hope the show will elaborate on that soon. Especially concerning the dead Mrs. Reilly he visited in the two-parter. I love his chemistry with Addison. They have a lot in common and are on the same wavelength in many ways, it seems. And it's great to see how they just get each other. There's definitely still a spark between them as well and I want to see more of that. Jake seems to be such a family man, such a caring, big-hearted person and a great doctor too. And I could easily picture him and Addison finding happiness and raising a family together. Team Jake all the way! Grade so far: B, because I want more Charlotte and Cooper too and I think Sheldon has been way underused as well. I hope Amelia gets another love interest this season and Addison should really have her baby before the season ends. And I want a better crossover with Grey’s Anatomy. Last season was pretty disappointing with regards to that. It’s time for someone from Seattle to stop by for a visit in Los Angeles, I’d say. Amelia’s family would be nice, but one of Addie’s Seattle friends – Callie, Richard or Bailey for example – would be fine with me too. And I things need to heat up between Addison and Jake, I’m sure Walsh and Bratt would steam up our screens.


I think we need to get back to those wonderful Addisam moments. I thought about what was missing this season and I realized theres non of those beautiful moments between the too. I also miss naomi. I am not a fan of this new Jake guy. If he dates Addison I will be very angry. THey spent seasons setting up Addisam and now some guy who is no where near as attractive as taye diggs is going to steal the spotlight. UGGGH!


@CCP – You make a valid argument about Sam, and I completely agree that Addison should make up her mind on who she wants more. However, Sam should also realize that he needs to end it with her because he can’t exactly have it both ways either with Addie. Case in point, one of them needs to make a move. @Jamie – Office drama? Isn’t that one of the reasons we’re watching? Also, Sam doesn’t necessarily have to leave the show if his relationship with Addison doesn’t work out and if Jake and Addie happen. And although I’m on Team Jake, I did end my report card only saying that maybe he could make Addie happy. I’d like to see her be with Jake, but I’d actually love to see her with a baby even more. @Miriam – I believe that there are many elements than conflict alone to make a show go on. I love the drama and appreciate the conflicts, but there is so much more to PP than just that. If there were a best conflict category, though, I’d definitely go with the AddiSam one.


@PPFan - Thanks for the feedback! Now, to answer your questions: I've always adored Charlotte and Cooper. Although I'd love to see Charlotte and Cooper start their own family, I also get Charlotte and can't forget the many times she's already stated that she just doesn't want children. Sure, maybe spending more time with Mason will change her mind, but I just can't see it happening that easily either. Last season, I wanted to see an incredible wedding for them, and that didn't happen. Although I was completely disappointed, I couldn't have pictured a better wedding for them either. It was just so them – just like how if they didn’t have a baby of their own, it’d be okay, too. I actually hope that there is an even better storyline in 2012 for Charlotte and Cooper that involves just the two of them and their marriage. I can’t remember when they’ve had the slightest bit of normalcy. Then again, this is television and we also watch for the drama. Although the ratings have not been spectacular this season, they are also only slightly lower than the latter of Season 4. With that said, I have high hopes of PP getting another season!


Interesting Jamie, I think you are right. I dont need Private Practice to end with NEW characters taking over the show, we already lost Audra and Chris we dont need to lose anyone else from the ORIGINAL cast. I Love all Private practice Characters, the original ones Addison, Sam , Pete, Violet, Cooper and Charlotte; I'm ok with Sheldon/Amelia and I have little to no investment in the new doctor, he adds nothing to the show, I have seen nothing from him to make me root for him or even interested in him. I liked the season in general, Im interested in Addison/Sam/Pete/Violet relationship storyline, Charlotte and Cooper storyline with his son needs more work in my opinion. Sheldon/Amelia have a nice vibe. I clearly disagree with the review and hopefully later you can me more objective when you write, conflict is what make a show go on, thats why ViP/AddiSam are the frontburner couples.


How can you want Addison and Jake together and then hope Sam and Jake be friends? Conflict of interest much? Cause I can't see Addison, Sam, or Jake being friendly if Addison leaves Sam for Jake. All I see is office drama and another original character leaving the show cause why would Sam stick around for that?


Best Character: Not One of them... I know the meaning of BEST and there is not a character that can fill that slot.
Worst Character: Addison her 24/7 Pain is what is making fans tune out, when I look at addison I think what's next for her CANCER.
Best Episode: Im still waiting for it.
Best Ongoing Storyline: Sam and Pete, I Love watching them.
Best Addition: LOL, Im just going to shake my head and continue.
Best bromance: Sam and Pete, I just enjoy watching them whine about their women, its what males do. Hopes: Sam and Pete to share more scenes, let them go out and have a fun life. Hope they go to a Bar and get some strippers? Private Practice Needs Some Fun!


Best Addition: Jake,I had to laugh at that one....... I despise the living hell out of his charater. he seems fake and ridiculous there is no reason for his charater at all. He is the last thing that private practice needed judging by the ratings he did nothing for the show, Also Benjamin Bratt is on his way down in look, wow. Shonda should have casted a better looking person.

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