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WOW! Love all the comments, but here I come with one that is totally against the grain: Sam can love Addison and not want a baby with her. He is a GRANDFATHER! The father thing is done for him and I can totally see his point. Sam is not the greatest character, but I have to give him the point on his honesty and his determination. Addison needs to make up her mind whom she wants more: Sam or baby. I do not see how she can have both - that would be an untenable situation.

Charlotte and Cooper have always been my favourite storyline - no matter what the are doing - and Charlotte is my favourite character. Just love that girl!


Best Character: Charlotte
Worst Character: Sam
Best Episode: If I Hadn't Forgotten..., Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough and The Breaking Point
Best Ongoing Storyline: Adddison and pregnancy
Best Addition: Jake
Most Mis/Underused Character: Sheldon


@Christina - Love reading your reviews on PP each week. What do you think will happen when the show returns in Jan...in particular in regards to Charlotte and Cooper? Do you think Charlotte will finally have Cooper's baby, as many fans are hoping? Also, what are your thoughts on the chances PP will get renewed for another season? Thanks!


Addison is always the best character for me. Her storyline this season is my favorite. All I want to see in 2012 is for Addison to finally have a baby.


I actually agree with everything.
Although, my addition to favorite character would be everyone, excluding Sam and Pete. They've both seriously irritated me the past 2 seasons.
As much as I agree with the separation of Violet and Pete, I don't really see it coming. They've been built up together since season two. For the writers to tear them apart now would be a wasted 4 years. Besides, I don't really wanna repeat of the two tearing each other from limb to limb like in season 3.


Team Jake all the way.. I can't stand Sam! Jake would make Addie happy.
And I just love Amelia!


Fav character!? It's such an amazing cast, but Amelia STUD REALLY UP! She showed so much in this few episodes and so this show could be name Private Amelia! The mode swings, the hate and love just she made everything AMAZING!

Worst character! SAM! So useless! Just useless, not completly, his poor decisions just proved what an amazing women Addison is. I missed the strong confident Sam, who just got terrible selfish!

Best Episode! Who we are!? After the rape episode the best episode of the show! So much emotion! I loved Charlotte crying, Addison breaking out and being there for her sister! And the highlight Ryan dieing!.

Best ongoing story!!! JAddison! I just love the chemistry and cant get enough of them being so great and loveable so much better than SAddison which currently is truly SAD! And I love the tension created between Jake and Sam it gives the show new dimension!

Best Addition! Ok Jake is great but I love Addisons Psych! I enjoy the openning scenes with him and Addi

Best bromance! Cooper and Henry! I love them together! Cooper now has everything he should have! He gives everything he has to this child! by them Vi and Addi had great chemistry and they are bigger ba''s than the male cast

Misused! Violet! She was a reality sun all over season 1 and 2, she gave the show the row psych view! Then she got lost in season 3 and played it really well! But since she has done the book story in season 4 and now in season 5 she is just a big pain in the a''! OMG Can this girl be more annoying! On the other side I loved her leaving Pete and being the adult one, and being there for Addison made her a little more loveable! And there is the other question why we must love every character let hate her and enjoy her making us!
Grade! A clear A!! Without question! The best show this midseason for me! They've got me from every single secound!

Hopes! ShAmilia I really pray for it, or a hint of PAmelia! Naomi to step by! And even when I love Cooper and Charlotte, I want Charlotte to get killed and so making place for Addison and Cooper which is my personal endgame! :D


Wow, I think I agree with every single word in this report card. From the character assessment to the storylines and the hopes for 2012.
Makes me very hopeful that these opinions are fairly common in viewers and the writing team was either aiming for exactely those reactions or that they at least will adjust their writing accordingly...
Nice review either way :)


Best Character: There's no one on this show that I love more than Charlotte but I have to give this title to Amelia as well. The way she carried the first half of the season has just been great. Seeing her struggle the way that she did and portray such a vivid experience of what it's like to be an addict really brought this show to a level similar to what it did with Charlotte last season. This character has just shown so much depth to who she really is.

Worst Character: Sam. Definitely, Sam. I almost have nothing left to like about this character. He has been incredibly selfish throughout the season. He keeps reiterating that he loves Addison yet he can't support something that is obviously so important to her. I understand if he doesn't want another child but the way he has dealt with the situation is what makes me root for Jake more and more.

Best Episode: I'm going to count "Who We Are" and "The Breaking Point" as one since I can't choose! These two delivered as a two-hour special just made each episode stronger as an individual. "Who We Are" brought so much intensity to all the characters, especially Amelia and Addison. I liked how it really focused on the interactions and emotions of each character. And "The Breaking Point" just brought in a lot of progress for everyone. I appreciated to see that so much especially after the intensity that went down in the first hour.

Best Ongoing Storyline: I have to choose Addison's. This is something we've been waiting for since the backdoor pilot from Grey's Anatomy. Addison has wanted this for so long and she's waited long enough. To see her really focusing on something for herself instead of getting caught up in difference romantic entanglements, is refreshing and really appreciated. I think this arc has reminded me why I love Addison so much. That pregnancy test being positive and her actually having a baby of her own with no complications sounds like a fairy tale but I can't help but hope she gets her happy ending.

Best Addition: Definitely Jake! I love what we've been seeing and learning from and about this character. I've grown incredibly fond of him and I'm hoping at the end, it'll be him with Addison.

Best Bromance: Don't really notice if there are any other ongoing bromances so I guess I'd have to go with Sam and Jake as well.

Most Mis/Underused Character: No doubt it's Sheldon. It's been this way since he came onto the show. It seems like the writers don't really know what to do with him because he always just ends up as support for someone else's arc. I hope they find something for him soon.

Grade so Far: I have to give it a B. Just because I wanted more Charlotte and Cooper and they still haven't been able to utilize the character of Sheldon.

Hopes for 2012: They explore what it's like for Pete and Violet to be separated from one another. I think it'll be really interesting to see how this plays out especially with regards to Lucas. Maybe their parenting will actually be brought to the table now.

More Charlotte and Cooper, please! More specifically, a Charlotte and Cooper baby. Mason's already brought out the maternal side to Charlotte. Now it's time that they have one of their own together.

Addison getting her baby; however way that is. Her being pregnant and having a baby that way seems a little too perfect. So in the unfortunate case that something goes wrong there, I just need to show she'll have a baby eventually. Please writers. We've waited long enough for Addie's happiness!

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