Psych Giveaway: A Toaster and A Snuggie!

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Attention, all Psychos: do we have a giveaway for you! Thanks to our friends at the USA Network, we are offering two lucky fans two incredibly cool prizes:

  1. A Psych toaster.
  2. A Psych prize pack that includes a DVD, a snuggie, a t-shirt and more.

It's all in promotion of this week's winter finale - titled "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat," airing Wednesday at 10 p.m. - and one of these items can be yours by simply following the instructions below...

Psych toaster
The Psych Snuggie

Register for the site or Facebook Connect and leave a Comment and tell us your favorite Lassie moment from the show.


Enter via Twitter, posting the following message: I'm #PSYCH-O for Lassie because ____ #LassieChat

Also, you can actually chat live with star Tim Omundson during the finale itself via USA Character Chatter.

Contest is open to U.S. residents only and we'll select two winners at random by Wednesday, December 14 at noon EST. Good luck!

UPDATE: We have two winners! Thanks so much to all who participated, but the winning moments go to users "Danigirl" and "Jessica Fry." Scroll down to read their comments.

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My fave Lassie moment:
Shawn: Collecting money for the annual policemen's ball?
Lassie: We don't have balls. bahaha


"No! Spencer is here? He's going to throw out some crazy theory and 4 days from now, sure enough, he'll be right"


My favorite Lassie moment is basically all of High Noonish. That was really the best episode for his character!


My favorite Lassie moment...well, it's hard to choose just one. I would have to say it was in "Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing" where he pulls the gun out of the bowl and shoots the bad guy.


Favorite lassie moment is when hes on a date with his ex. In tuesday the 17th.. Hes so sad. He really showed emotions.. Lassie has a heart and it was nice to see that side. Even though we all know hes a badass..


My favorite Lassie moment was just how sweet he was when he held up the sign to his girl in prison telling her he would wait till she gets out.


My favorite Lassie moment is actually an entire episode: Last Night Gus. He was on fire the whole time! :D


I also love when Lassiter dances with Gus, especially when he breaks out the moves to figure out the crime!


I would so love that toaster.


"What does Gus bring to the table?"

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My BABY!!!!


I'm so proud of you man!

Shawn[ to Cal]