Rebekah to Seek Revenge on the Vampire Diaries

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We never really had any doubt, but all Vampire Diaries fans can breathe an official sigh of relief now: Rebekah is not dead.

The fall finale, of course, concluded with Elena literally stabbing this Original in the back, but producer Julie Plec tell TV Guide viewers have not seen the last of Claire Holt. Not by a long shot. Errr, stab.

Rebekah v. Elena

"The fact that Elena killed Rebekah is going to come back to bite her in the butt," Plec says. "I'm not going to say when she makes her reappearance, but certainly her being undaggered is not in Elena's best interest."

In other recent scoop unearthed by Plec, it doesn't look like the future is very bright for Caroline and Tyler. Indeed, Forwood will be moving backward when the show returns on January 5.

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If U all remember how Elijah betrayed them it's no wonder why Elena daggered Becca! Elijah who also hatted him betrayed them in a tweenk of a eye!
So don't judge Elena, and she is under Klauses protection 4ever so only Becca can attack Jeremy and Bonnie or Caroline eventually!


@james p:i'm with u 100%,what elena did was just stupid,but honestly i pity her when rebekah is undaggered,she is hot tempered.But i want her back,she's one of my favourites characters now.


Elena's reason for killing Rebekah were stupid, she used Bonnie's example of how Elena couldn't be mad Jeremy forever as an example. Those situations are completely different, Jeremy didn't kill their mother or killed her multiple times because she had a mind of her own. I won't feel sympathy for Elena is Rebekah wants revenge.


Thank God!!! i actually like rebekkah, i was completely pissed at elena for pulling that bonehead move just to take rebekkah out of the picture... it wasn't like they didn't have a layered plan to begin with... whatever her reasons were, she obviously cared about her mother and wouldnt have helped klaus!


Can't wait it should be good with rebekah back.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Unless this allows for everyone in the cast(LITERALLY everyone) to bitchslap elena for her stupid actions that led to another enemy, I just can't seem to bring myself to care about any of the originals.


Dear TVF people please find a way to stop notic1111cac from posting whatever he/she is posting...
Yeah she probably should have not done it but then again this just adds one more person to the list of people that wants Elena dead.


After everything else that happened in that episode and the news of the other Originals being cast, I honestly almost forgot about Rebekah. This is gonna be really interesting! Definitely looking forward to it.


Oh everything connected to Elena reflects on Jeremy! Hope he gets a new story than just being stupid in love and doing stupid things! Would be nice if they turn him in the openning on Jan5! Can imagine something else to protect him!

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