Revenge Casts Grandpa Grayson

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He's handled Jack Bauer. But will he stand a chance against Victoria Grayson?

Entertainment Weekly reports that veteran actor William Devane (24, Psych, NCIS) will play a key role on Revenge later this season, portraying the father of Conrad Grayson. What will bring him to the Hamptons?

Look for the elder Grayson to be summoned by his soon-to-be-former-daughter-in-law, likely to be used against his son in Victoria's divorce battle against Conrad.

Revenge returns with new episodes on January 4 and you can vote right now to decide if it's the Best New Show of 2011.


Fabulous show Revenge. I wish it was on daily as it so captivating. A well written show. Look forward to all the twist and plots. Kodo's to all the actors and actresses they are all excellent. Laura.


This is the BEST show ever !! I feel that the pretend Amanda will be the one who shoots the Grayson son. Also for some reason I feel that the Father of Amanda is NOT dead and will return in the end maybe the least season? Seems that this show can only go on for so long with all the Revenge? But we saw all this with Dynasty and Dalls back on the 80's starts off strong and then just goes on and on......Also Jack will become stronger and smarter he will find out about Amanda/Emily one day and that Reunite will be the best show ever! Nolan,,,,,hummmmm he has something to do with Amanda could be her half brother??? she never knew about.


Ugh I fiend this show!!! Its sooooo good, my boyfriend is hooked so bad he rushes home to see it and still watches the tivo lol. This from the ex military man who only watches sports.


I cannot wait to see him.


Best show on tv gets better

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