Revenge Midseason Report Card: B+

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We're back with a new TV Fanatic report card. Fresh off Dan Forcella's grade of a B- for this season of The Office, Christine Orlando is here to evaluate the opening set of episodes for ABC's new thriller, Revenge...

"This is not a story about forgiveness." And I'm thankful for that every Wednesday night. Revenge came on the scene this fall and instantly made waves, as Emily VanCamp's Emily Thorne hunted her rich and glamorous prey.

Let's go over what we've seen so far with a TV Fanatic Midseason Report Card.

The Most Diabolical Hero on TV: That's Emily Thorne. She's this captivating combination of orphaned child, sexy girl next door, and ice cold huntress. She's the injured party who has come back to exact her pound of flesh from the Hamptons' elite that betrayed her father.

How can anyone not be intrigued by Emily? The beloved daughter of David Clarke, she was ripped away from her idyllic childhood and tossed into the system only to spend years in juvenile detention. From there she managed to make the warden an ally and an enemy her accomplice.

Somehow, in a few short years and through sheer determination, Amanda Clarke became Emily Thorne, martial arts expert and master of the art of revenge. Yet, surprisingly despite her cold streak and her ruthlessness, we still root for Emily. Perhaps because we've grown to understand the people who did her wrong.

A Family Feud

A Cold, Complicated Villain: Victoria Grayson loved David Clarke. She was going to leave her rich husband for him. Then it all went horribly wrong.

In order to save herself, Victoria turned on David but she didn't just leave him, she destroyed him.  That' why it's so easy to hate Victoria Grayson.

Who else accuses their lover of terrorism and watches him die in a Federal prison? As if that weren't enough, she then has his daughter shipped off with social services, then blackmails the girl's therapist into what can only be described as emotional torture.

Who does that?  Who takes away a child's only parent and doesn't feel any guilt? A person with a true conscience would take that child in and try to make up for their sins. Victoria Grayson kicked a little girl to the curb and funded her further torment.

And yet their are moments when we see how much Victoria loves her son Daniel or how Conrad tries to bully her and we feel a shred of sympathy, even with all that she's done and is yet to do.

The Love Interests: This is where things get a little murky. As much as I like Jack I find it hard to believe that he's been pining over Amanda since they were about eight years old. Plus I simply don't feel that much chemistry between the two.  And how old is that dog?

The funny thing is I feel some chemistry between Emily and Daniel, although I wish we knew if Emily feels anything for him. Is she honestly sleeping with the guy strictly out of her plot for revenge?

Emily and Nolan on Revenge

Best Ally: I love Nolan. He's smart, funny, quirky, and a little lonely. He's been incredibly loyal to Emily even though he doesn't agree with her plan and she's never been nice to him. I hope for two things in the second half of the season:  that we learn more about Nolan's connection to David Clarke and that Emily softens towards her unexpected partner in crime.

Wasted Potential: I'm so disappointed that they killed Frank. Smart and ruthless enough to be a real problem for Emily, I definitely miss his presence. Not only do I love the actor, but Victoria's loyal henchman could have given us years of evil fun. 

Surprise Additions: The new Amanda Clarke adds complications I hadn't seen coming. She makes Jack more human, Nolan and Daniel more protective, and gives Emily an entirely new avenue in which to torment Victoria.

Then there's Tyler, warped, wicked Tyler.  Trouble from the moment he hit the screen, he's quickly spiraling out of control and I can't wait to see him crash and burn.

Revenge is devilish fun to watch each week. My only requests are that I'd like to get to know the characters better as we move forward, especially Emily who seems a little closed off even to the audience.  If we get those things I have no doubt it will earn a solid A by season's end.

Beyond that I look forward to the weeks of Revenge to come. Midseason Report Card: B+

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


Wrong grade in the title. This show is A+.


How the H E L L did it not get an A?!! Oh and I agree that a few shows that shouldn't have gotten an A did. I'm embarrassed for this site, I guess Revenge isn't "in" like Once Upon A Time etc.


Revenge is my favourite new show, it proves that with good writing and great characters you don't need alot of SFX for it to be a good show (unlike another show), Emily / Amanda is a great character, though i want to see what happens with Daniel, Love Victoria such a juicy character and i want to see Nolan and Tyler hook up again, tought after the last episode i don't see that happening again. A Big Fat A


Once Upon a time gets an A- and Revenge only gets a B+? Seriously? Revenge has proven itself to be one of the best shows on tv, and it's head and shoulders above the schlockfest that is Once upon a time. I adore Queen Victoria and the rest of the cast except Declan. I think Emily has chemistry with both guys and Nolan is a fantastic sidekick. January 4th can't come soon enough.


If I could describe the delicious messiness that is this show in one word? E P I C


My Score is an Easy A.
Emily Thorne is a breath of fresh air in tv these days. She is cold yet caring, loving yet full of hatred. Its amazing how layered of a character she is and I love this show. Victoria doesn't get much sympathy from me, she is THE villian of this story. Her character also has many layers and its great to see those layers peel and show us what she is.
I would like to see an appearance of Conrad's first wife! That would be great! As much as I love this show, I'm not sold on the Love interests. The actors that play Jack and Daniel are good, but they don't have the chemistry with Emily Van Camp. Maybe that's just me but we'll see. My hope is we find out that during her formative years Emily met another guy. Lol. Nolan is not an Ally. He was a tool for Emily to use for when she needed something done. I want them to build the relationship at some point and become Allies. Right now its like England and USA during WW2. I don't much care for FauxAmanda but she does create more drama which I love.
Can't wait for the new eps.


I never like this type of movie (no shows like this) but I'm absolutely addicted. The concept is unconscionable and the follow through is delicious ly juicy. This show is breathtaking because the main character seeking revenge is up against incredible odds. I love that just when you think youce finally figured it out, it twists you into another place altogether. Sadly, I just don't know how Amily will be able to get her revenge and live to see another day. Its like her head is barely above the water....epic!


Writing is really weak. The dialogue is too predictable and not at all realistic for the situations or characters. Sometimes it seems it is just put in to set up the next scene. I'm a huge Van Camp fan, but I'm sorry they haven't done a better job with this show. I'll watch the season, but if they don't improve it, I doubt I'll be around for another season.


This show deserves an A+!


Out of all my shows, Revenge is the best. The absolute best show on tv. Amily, Nolan, Emanda, Victoria, Daniel and Jack. I love Nolan the most tho and I have a feeling he will be her savior, if Amily and everyone else survives. Oh and can Tyler die now?!!

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