Ringer Spoilers: Let the Chess Game Begin!

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Two major developments went down on the 2011 finale of Ringer, both of which will have a major impact when the show returns on January 10:

  1. Gemma was killed.
  2. Bridget and Sibhan are now in the same city.
A Ringer

In response to the first issue, producer Eric Charmelo tells TV Guide the return episodes will take place "almost in real time, so there will have been a mourning period," while fellow producer Nicole Snyder adds that Henry "has to direct his anger towards something and someone, and that target becomes Bridget."

Now that Siobhan is back in New York City, you have these two sisters playing this chess game, and the stakes are much higher because they are in the same city. Ultimately, paths will cross.

With the focus off Gemma in 2012, Bridget "can return to the original mystery," Snyder teases," saying questions established in the pilot will come back in to play. To wit:

Who is trying to kill Siobhan? Why and how is she going to stop them?

Also, yes, the siblings' "paths will cross" at some point, Charmelo promises: "You have these two sisters playing this chess game, and the stakes are much higher because they are in the same city."

For the full interview with these producers, visit TV Guide's official site now.


Super excited for Ringer to come back on! Its about time for a showdown with Siobhan & Bridget. I'm putting my money on Bridget. I hope Andrew discovers his relationship with Bridget is a keeper & I'm hopeful there will be a wedding ceremony & baby in the finale. Here's to Siobhans secrets/motives to being exposed & her ultimate takedown. Rooting for Bridget!


i can't wait for the bridget siobhan confrontation!! i hope bbridget is pregnant! i like her with andrew


I can't wait for the twins to meet face to face, but that probably won't happen until the season finale. The spoilers from the TVGuide interview said that we will find out why Siobhan is doing all of this to Bridget, and we might feel sympathetic towards her. Sorry, but I don't think I can ever find sympathy for Siobhan, since her plans included kidnapping Gemma, which eventually lead to her death. It doesn't matter if Siobhan didn't intend for Gemma to be killed; she still wanted Gemma 'kept quiet'. She hired Charlie to kidnap her, and now Gemma's children have lost their mother. Gemma and her children are just collateral damage in Siobhan's evil plans!


Gemma death is completely irrelevant to me now. I just expect the grieving process and her father to come into the picture.
The fact that Bridget and Siobhan are now in the same city is what the show has me excited about. I expect a confrontation between them by at least episode 13-16.


I like that they will have a cat and mouse game but they should save them seeing eachother for the season finale but it be funny if Siobhan tries to get back with Henry because then he will be confused.

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