Scott Wolf Returning to NCIS January 3

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Following a mysterious appearance on the NCIS Season 9 premiere, Scott Wolf has not been seen or heard from since, but he will be back on the show in its first episode of 2012, according to reports.

If you recall, Wolf played Stratton ... if that's even his real name.

As part of the Phantom Eight storyline, he was working with Latham, head of the ONI's Watcher Fleet. The extent of their machinations wasn't overtly explained, but thanks to Mike Franks (RIP), Gibbs knows the uber-secret agent was (and is) involved in the selling of state secrets contained in the infamous microchip.

That microchip almost got DiNozzo killed - more than once.

Fortunately, Tony survived, but in the new year, “Stratton intends to finish what he started and influence some unexpected lives in the process,” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Line, “including Gibbs’.”

Scott Wolf on NCIS

In addition to Wolf, Sarah Jane Morris also returns to NCIS that week as E.J. Barrett. How do you see this playing out? Are you excited to see either? Share your comments with us in the comments below.

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I could not believe it Mike Franks died, I cried, really it was the saddest day in soap history. Bring him back, I dont care how you do it just bring him back. Make a story line like they did once in Criminal Minds where everyone apart from the boss guy thought that female agent was dead, but he had to play along. You could say Franks was doing under cover work to catch some big crim...who actually turns out to be EJ or whatever her name was...Franks comes out and reveals her to to the world and blasts her away then everyone is happy.
Is there a Mike Franks fan club...never realized there were others that loved him until I found this site.


Did not n do not care for morris or her character. Love ncis n if adding someone else wish it was not morris.


when i found out they killed off mike franks my enjoyment of the show was lost he was the best part of the show and the 2 new characters are better off left at home, he makes their characters look useless.
Sometimes writers think they are better than the show create, but actually it the fans who decide this and they surely screwed up this time.....
Basicily it should be their swan song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


E.J. Barrett in my opinion, turns out to be Gibbs daughter, who he thought was murdered. Somehow, she did not die and recovered from her injuries and was moved to a secret location where she grew up. Her mother was killed and so when they buried her they said they buried both Gibbs Wife and his daughter.


oops i mean Jennie


i miss Franks and Jeannie too


both of these people can stay dead


1st mistake: killing off KATE
2nd mistake: killing off JENNIE
3rd mistake: killing off FRANKS Three very bad decisions!!


looking forward to the end of the E.J. story, she just doesn't 'fit'...... can live with Ray as long as he stays away so Tiva can continue their banter. Frank (RIP)... him I miss.


I don't mind the ghost of Mike Frank, he's like Deep Throat revealing secrets from the dark to Gibbs. I like the Phantom Eight plot line and believe the new SECNAV knows more that he has said. He is an arrogant SOB and I'd like to see him humbled.
Not thrilled with EJ, but she had to have her encore moment before she (Hopefully) disappears forever. Don't like Ziva's Ray either, he's bound to seduced by the Phantom Eight somehow and break her newly Americanized heart soon.

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