Scott Wolf Returning to NCIS January 3

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Following a mysterious appearance on the NCIS Season 9 premiere, Scott Wolf has not been seen or heard from since, but he will be back on the show in its first episode of 2012, according to reports.

If you recall, Wolf played Stratton ... if that's even his real name.

As part of the Phantom Eight storyline, he was working with Latham, head of the ONI's Watcher Fleet. The extent of their machinations wasn't overtly explained, but thanks to Mike Franks (RIP), Gibbs knows the uber-secret agent was (and is) involved in the selling of state secrets contained in the infamous microchip.

That microchip almost got DiNozzo killed - more than once.

Fortunately, Tony survived, but in the new year, “Stratton intends to finish what he started and influence some unexpected lives in the process,” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Line, “including Gibbs’.”

Scott Wolf on NCIS

In addition to Wolf, Sarah Jane Morris also returns to NCIS that week as E.J. Barrett. How do you see this playing out? Are you excited to see either? Share your comments with us in the comments below.

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EJ brought nothing to the table (so to speak), don't even remember Stratton, so why are they wasting our time? We want recurring characters that we know and like. First, Mike Franks - don't really care how you ressurect him but he's needed whether the big wigs want to shelve their ego's or not. Another was Colonel Mann, Jackson Gibbs, Ari, ressurect Jenny Shephard and Paula Cassidy. Lose the current director who tries to act like a tough guy but ends up looking constipated. And whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT do the same old tired practice of having these people appear as "ghosts". If CBS cares about their fans they'll listen to them and do what's right, otherwise at sometime it's inevitable they'll lose the fans and lose one of the best shows ever on tv. On this show "ghosting" is insulting. It would be inspiring to see the people in their ivory towers admit their mistakes, right the mistakes, and carry on a unique and enviable show they can be proud of.


If I never see Ci-empty box Ray, EJ, Stratten and that whole covoluted yet predictable story line again, it will be too soon! But I guess it's coming, it only reason, and I do mean only, I am watching this 200th episode, is to see our beloved Mike Franks played by Muse Watson. Reading this "spoiler" I really would have skipped the episode but the tiny introduction on Mike Franks got me hooked, I am looking forward to seeing Franks (Muse Watson) again, I miss the dynamics he brought to the show, I agree with all who wrote, killing him off was a huge mistake!


I barely remember EJ; don't remember Stratton at all. BUT, I do remember Mike Franks (real name is Muse Watson...not RIP). He and Gibbs have a very unique relationship on screen (almost seems real...maybe it is just a tad). Plus, Mike Franks interacts with the other amazing characters. This is a superb show with mystery, friendship, humor. Not many current TV shows offer everything. The fans are waiting on Franks to return...........


just a guess, but I think we're discussing Mike Franks because it's much more interesting to discuss him than ej and ci-ray...


Why are posters talking about Mike Franks in this particular forum? Isn't it supposed to be about Stratton returning and that storyline? Franks was fun, but come on - he was a guest star maybe 4 or 5 times. Some of you are acting like he was the most important character on NCIS.


Sorry, Jeff...with all due respect I don't buy it. Killing off Franks was a huge blunder. Also, growing up doesn't have to mean growing boring and that's where they're headed. All those extraneous characters have just muddied up the team chemistry. They're a waste of space. I'm NOT a Tiva person...I agree that it'll never happen until the end (if even then). I guess I'm just not totally into the whole arc thing. I really prefer the stand-alone episodes where they just kick some a-- and take names! lol Mike Franks was much more than just part of Gibbs/Franks. The Tony/Gibbs relationship is special in its own way, but in no way replaces what Mike Franks brought to the show.


I can't believe the comments I have been reading! NCIS is better than ever! The characters are FINALLY evolving, changing, and growing (or in Tony's case, growing up), mostly due to the influences of characters such as EJ, Ray, Secretary Archer, Stratton, Cade, and all of the storylines they created. Even the death of Mike Franks has caused the characters to grow and change. Look at Gibbs. With his mentor/father-figure Mike Franks now gone, he has become even more of a mentor/father-figure to Tony. It's almost as if Gibbs finally realized that he had to be for Tony the same thing that Mike was for him. In a way, it is a tribute to Mike and a way for Mike to live on. The Gibbs/DiNozzo relationship is great to watch, too! Personally, I like EJ and Ray. I think they bring out aspects of both Tony and Ziva that have rarely been seen before. I believe the only reason most people say they do not like EJ and Ray is because they are hoping that Tony and Ziva will finally become a couple. That is NEVER going to happen. The producers, writers, and even the actors themselves have repeatedly hinted in interviews that such a hook-up will probably never happen. Why? Because once it happens, all of the mystery and the fun that go along with the flirting and the teasing between the two will be gone and they would never be able to get it back. It works the way it is now and they don't want to screw that up. Actually, I shouldn't say it will never happen. It could happen in the final episode of the series but it will not happen before that. You can take that to the bank.


Muse Watson is a great actor. I know because he's sure not Mike Franks in "Christmas Snow" and I loved Mike Franks too. If you're in Branson go see another side of Muse.


I totally agree with everyone's sentiments...Muse Watson brought a tough/hard edge to a show that's quickly turning into a soap. Tony's turning into an insecure, self-doubting Debbie Downer, Ziva's "toughness" has evolved into a comic book superhero character, and (worst of all) they're turning Gibbs into a total WUSS! I don't want them all to be mean...I just want that old edgy energy they used to have. Mike Franks was all that was left of that. I guess they're just all getting old. The writers/producers made a huge mistake killing of Mike, they know it now, and they have NO way out of it, so they'll resort to "ghost" appearances. That'll get old pretty quick!


Mike Franks,as played by the incomparable MUSE WATSON, was the heart, the id of NCIS. Gary Glasberg and Jesse Stern were the Id(iots).

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