The Amazing Race Review: What An Ending!

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If your heart did not beat faster during this week’s episode of The Amazing Race, "We Are Charlie Chaplin," then either you don’t like the show or don’t have a pulse. 

What fans of the series were treated to here spanned the gamut of emotions, culminating in one of the most dramatic finishes ever.

Amazing Racers

The first challenge of the leg gave the promise of one filled with twists and turns. Clues that require the teams to talk to the locals and use some problem solving are always far more interesting than any that essentially say: Go here. As expected, one team, Andy and Tommy, were unable to get the clue correct and fell from first to last.

As exciting as the opening challenge was, it was short lived. Any separation the teams created was eliminated by the flight to Panama City, which had all four teams. Why does the race waste such great challenges right before an equalizer like a flight?

The Roadblock in Panama City was incredibly scary and thus awesome to see. However, it did nothing to help any of the trailing teams catch up. Things seemed equally bleak when the first three teams chose the ‘Salt’ option of the ensuing Detour. 

Amani and Marcus breathed life in to the Detour by choosing the other option, only to be driven to the same one as the rest of the teams. Surprisingly and ultimately intelligently, they did not panic and just complete the challenge they were at. They made their driver take them to the ‘Filet’ option and passed Ernie and Cindy and Jeremy and Sandy in the process.

What appeared like it might be a boring episode suddenly became interesting. The leg saved its biggest challenge for last: finding the name of the Pit Stop with their only hint being the destination of some dancers. 

As Andy and Tommy directed their taxi cab to the wrong destination, suddenly anything became possible. Amani and Marcus seemed to have a chance to leap from last in to first, but couldn’t figure out where to go either. When the remaining two teams finished the Detour, my heart started racing.

The teams were so close and yes so far away. Everyone had the Pit Stop in their mental sights but had no idea where to go. Andy and Tommy were hopelessly lost. Ernie and Cindy seemed headed down the same path. Jeremy brilliantly drew a picture of the destination and his cab driver was able to figure out. Amani and Marcus remained at the Pit Stop.

Each team was heading in a different direction, something that must be a The Amazing Race first. With only one team heading in the right direction – and not even remotely being convinced of that anyway – the leg had dissolved in to the biggest mess we’ve ever seen. It was awesome!

Just as quickly as the tension and excitement developed, it evaporated. The cab drivers of Ernie and Cindy, Jeremy and Sandy and Amani and Marcus were all working together and Jeremy and Sandy’s cab driver directed the others where to go. Despite not being able to figure out the clue, Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Marcus were heading to the final leg.

This left Andy and Tommy out of the running despite winning six legs during the course of the race. Afterward, I’m sure they were furious to find out exactly how they lost. Sure, they made a mistake, but Ernie and Cindy and potentially Amani and Marcus (it wasn’t clear) were able to make the same mistake.

It is a mistake The Amazing Race will not let happen again. The rural cab drivers used at the start of the day knew each other and likely talked about what was going on the entire time. They’re just trying to help one another, having no idea that they’re messing with a race. There’s no way the race will be designed with such a potential flaw in the future.

With the clear favorites out of The Amazing Race, the final leg is anyone’s to win. I can’t pick between Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Marcus. What I do believe is that Jeremy and Sandy will not win. If I had to pick, I’d take Amani and Marcus. Picking with my heart for sure.

More from this episode:

  • Interestingly, the addition of Tin Tin to the episode was not a promotional ploy. There’s a Tin Tin movie coming out soon, but we were not subjected to any product placement-like advertisement for the movie.
  • The only good thing about the train ride and plane flight being an equalizer is that no time was wasted showing the travel. Normally, I love that part of the legs, but in this case seeing more of the ending was worth it.
  • The way Phil congratulated the final three teams, didn’t you think it was possible Andy and Tommy were not eliminated and we were going to have a final four?  It would have felt cheap afterward, but they did a great job of building the tension.


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Why didn't they tell the cab drivers the rules and interfere early on in the day when they were walking on the wires and the taxi cab drivers were helping one another??? They should have known by then! DUMB PRODUCERS. Snowboarders should win on another ALL STARS. Taxi drivers ugh! No brains.


I agree with the majority of the posts. So very very angry that taxi drivers calling each other determined the end of the race. I am huge fan of amazing race - not anymore. Producers really, you allow taxi drivers to talk to each other so Tommy and Andy can't be the final three????? What is up with rules and regulations to the show. I am so angry that the best team who won 6 first place finishes ended up being eliminated because the other three taxi drivers were in cohoots. Shame on CBS and the producers of Amazing Race. Won't be watching the finals. Its a disgrace


I agree that this wasn't cheating by the other teams but it was defiantly outside interference. The cab drivers should have taken them where they were told. They didn't solve the clue. Those of you that think this is the same as following other teams or cabs breaking down are crazy. I agree I won't be watching either


@ realsupergirl-you're a tard--the snowboarders were awesome and got robbed--i am sure you would not have done as well. regarding amani and marcus--he is a retired NFL player, i am sure they don't need the money--why does TAR insist on having "pseudo celebs" on to boost ratings or whatever. i am done with TAR, gone way downhill the past 3 seasons. buy bye!


I know fans of Andy and Tommy are upset but stuff like this happens on the show a lot. Couples tell each other the answers and sometimes follow each other without knowing where they are going. I too am upset with what I consider the unfairness of contestants sharing info with some and not with others. It should not be allowed but you can't control everything that happens. Andy and Tommy won a lot of trips, money and cars, so I think they are probably pretty happy about things.


My sentiments are the same as most others here. I will not be watching the finale nor the show next season. If contestants do not have to use clues to move on and can simply get their solutions by cheating, what's the point of using clues to move the race along?


Totally agreed, CBS producers should be ashambed of themselves. Snow boarders were cheated. Two other teams were on the same path as them if it wasn't for the cab drivers. This is essentially cheating any way you look at it. Boo, Boo, Boo


How can anyone say that the other teams knew that Jeremy/Sandy knew where they going and decided to follow them?? It was the cabbies interfering. It wasnt cheating but it still wasnt right. The cabbies should have driven to where they where told to drive to. Dedicated viewer since day 1.......not anymore.


And by saying outside people can't insert themselves into the game is just being naive. How could they not. There have been taxi drivers who have clouded before. Not at this level, but directions discussed. I am sure there are taxi drivers who respond negatively to bad racers and positive to good ones and drive accordingly. This is the same exact thing. Unless you have the racers drive everywhere themselves, this type of thing will always happen. How many times have people found a local willing to escort them everywhere they need to go. I am sure they were doing that out of the good of their own heart. Not at all because there were cameras on them and it seemed exciting to do. Nothing wrong happened in this episode. and it made it crazy exciting to see how it would all play out.


How were they cheated? What did Ernie/Cindy and Marcus/Amani do that would be considered cheating? The show is half skill/talents half luck. This is no more cheating than a first place team having a taxi break down and coming in last because of it. It's not their fault the taxi broke down, but that's the risk of the show. Also teams all the time say to follow others cabs. Whether they know where they are going or not. Why isn't that cheating? It's not fair play in the game. If anything Andy/Tommy did it to themselves. They had one word to go off of and just told the driver who took them to the port. They had no idea why they should even be there. If they had stopped and asked and gone to the Balboa statue first, they might have made it back in time for the taxi cab collusion. Again, how is it cheating??? The teams realized Jeremy/Sandy knew where they were going so decided to follow their directions.

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