The Closer Review: RIP, Turrell Baylor

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"Silent Partner" finally brought the murder case of Turrell Baylor to a close. It should come as no surprise to any of us that it was members of his own gang who killed him, and would have done so whether Brenda dropped him into his own neighborhood or not.

The lawsuit against Brenda also wrapped up, wonder of wonders, as Peter Goldman was using unscrupulous methods to recruit new members for his case, and, in the process, lied while being interrogated. He had the names of five witnesses to Baylor's murder, but didn't give them up. Litigation dropped.

In Brenda's Office

There were, however, many downsides to this mid-season (seventh season? I'm still not sure how they are counting these episodes) finale. The end of the case was rather anti-climactic. Unfortunately for Mr. Baylor, it never really mattered who killed him. The legal system created an entire production around a gang death that is probably very similar to deaths that happen in other areas of Los Angeles every day.

Out of the melee came the "Johnson Rule," which essentially says the LAPD cannot let any suspect go into a potentially hostile environment. The ridiculousness of that wasn't lost on Raydor, who was understanding of Brenda's severe reaction to the rule being named for her, inadvertently making it appear she was guilty after all.

Goldman had oodles of information on a lot of people who now would want to harm him. He could comply with a security detail, or they could hold him, citing the Johnson Rule. After all, they can't let him on to the street knowing someone may want to hurt him. That would lead me to believe Curtis Armstrong will be riding out the last six episodes next summer.

The worst part of the episode? We didn't learn who, or what, the leak was. Pope, Sanchez and Raydor were all extremely faithful companions to Brenda during this particular investigation, knocking them out of the potential suspect list. The speech Sanchez gave to Brenda about not being able to trust anyone, making her own decisions, and not letting any of them know her course of action was depressing, but showed his loyalty to her.

When you get down to six remaining episodes and think back to the beginning, the distrust and inability to accept Brenda in her new position, and where the team is now, it's heartbreaking to think that someone on that team could be out to injure them all. Might it be Provenza? I noticed a weird look on his face, one that I had never seen before, and I started to question his integrity. He's a character I absolutely adore. I can't have that!

The one thing I wanted before we headed into the back six of the series was to know who the identity of the leak so we could deal with it and see what it meant to the team, its ability to recover, reconnect and move on... even if it meant preparations for the departure of Brenda. Alas, it was the day after Christmas, and I did not get my wish.


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This is tough because they were all not fans of hers in the beginning but when I break it down: Flynn is such a straight shooter with no verbal filter that I'd find it hard to believe that he'd be the leak. Even after how he was with Taylor. He just seems too straightforward for all that nonsense. Gabriel has always been the moral one. I mean even when he didn't like Brenda he was loyal and moral and professional because that is generally what and who he is. Breaking away from that would almost be too out of character. Sanchez is a hothead and impulsive, he's too active to sit back and do something that takes that extended period of time. He's also in your face and not one to play by the rules himself. I never suspected him and after this episode he's more loyal than ever. I still think Pope is the most suspicious of them all. I am also having some reservations about Provenza after this episode. I think Tao could go either way at this point. And Taylor would almost be too obvious. It would be a cop out if they somehow had Daniels come back in as the leak somehow. As of now I think the only people Brenda can truly trust is Raydor and Sanchez.


Of course it's Pope. He wants to be Chief, come hell or high water. Brenda came out ahead of him last time, made the short list while Pope didn't, and he's going to make sure that she'll never be in a position to do that again.


I hope they leave Brenda and Fritz as a couple and don't destroy their relationship in a misguided attempt to add excitement, as it would only bring great disappointment to all their fans.We love them together.Is it so wrong to have a tv couple who actually stay together? I am still sad over past shows who destroyed couples,(meathead and gloria as an example) even though it is make believe, it stays with you.The leak has to be Buzz, he has the know how and a kind of innocent sense of right and wrong which could lead him to try to stop Brenda's methods.


I know shows don't work this way but if they had known the end game was to betray her with Fritz I am almost disappointed in the writers. Several people have said how much he wants to protect her and wants a child well I think that even tho Fritz has always made it clean he wants a child he knows in the back of his mind Brenda isn't the type of person to ever have a child. Fritz knew who he was marrying. They may have their differences but he knew what he signed up for. Thinking about all the other members of her team I started to think about Gabriel. He has always been there with Brenda since the start but they have always been very different people and I think for him the straw might have been Brenda letting Baylor go when basically she knew what was going to happen and I think it might have changed him. And something I just thought of... everyone is sold on it being Pope but who becomes chief if it is him. Assuming Brenda and Fritz are going to A) move to Atlanta for her dad or B) for somewhere else for Fritz to get a better FBI job (which you wonder if the FBI knows/considers the actions of his slightly crazy wife) we are left with Taylor to be chief or they bring in someone from else where in the whole of the LAPD that we don't know or barely know and I don't know how having a brand new chief is going to affect the spin off. My final thoughts are this... I never really like Raydor until this last set of episodes. She is finally showing she cares about Brenda and does not want her to get screwed. They might be doing this to win over many of the Raydor haters to the spin off but if they are it might actually be working on me.


I would hate to think that it's Fritz but I keep thinking about how he just showed up at the hotel when Brenda came into town and how many times she has made him angry or hurt and how he resents Brenda working with Pope. What if there is really a crazy twist and it's Wille Rae or her husband. They have access to the murder board/room, they are at the dinner table when cases are discussed and they could have innocently talked about their daughter......really far out there huh? I have also thought "Buzz" he films everything and is in the eletronics room watching interviews. I want to believe Raydor is Brenda's friend but on the other hand is she being too helpful? Hmmmm! I will be glad when I don't have to see Mark Pellegrino on the show anymore, can't stand his character after watching him on Dexter! I can't believe we are down to 6 shows.......stock up on the tissues:-(


This was a gut-wrenching, emotionally exhausting episode. I don't know how I'm going to survive the next 6 months.


Pope's wife/ex-wife, hates Brenda. She could be the leak.


If they make it Flynn or Provenza, I will never watch another episode. The whole series they have made those two "old school," cops, "old school," cops DO NOT turn other cops in. Sorry, can't be them unless the writer is retarded! Sanchez and Provenza were making "eyes," at eachother, and everyone knows those two are buddy, buddy (more so than Provenza and Flynn). I do not believe it's Provenza, Flynn or Sanchez, but beyond that...I can only speculate. I am with the other person who says that there are too many red herrings on Pope. But you never know. Think about this, who do they not want to have move to McDonald's new series, Major Crimes? LOL, that's gonna' be the answer.


I hope it's Taylor but I feel that it is Pope. Fritz has told Brenda repeatedly not to trust him.


Debbie wrote: "I still believe it may be Pope especially after his quick exit from the electronics room and the way he kept telling Peter Goldman to shut up." I think there's been too many red herrings pointing the way to Pope for it to actually BE Pope. My best guess is still Provenza.

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