The CW Delays Returns of Ringer, 90210

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The CW has bad news for fans of Ringer and 90210, but great news for those who love the world of modeling.

The network will heavily promote its upcoming series, Remodeled, airing its premiere on January 17; multiple reruns throughout the week; and then its second episode on January 24. The fallout from this decision?

90210 will not return with new episodes until January 17, while Ringer will be delayed until January 31.

Remodeled centers around industry Paul Fisher and his attempt to merge multiple small agencies into one.

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love the series.


What a stupid decision! We all know that modeling show WILL FAIL! I hope "RINGER" fans return when the show comes back. If the show loses its' fans upon its' return:blame the CW. The only good news: when"Ringer" returns-it should run the rest of the season with almost NO REPEATS! I have become really addicted to this program & I love Sarah ever since her "Buffy the vampire slayer days. It truly has been amazing the sheer number of twists & turns so far on "Ringer". It's a lot of fun watching to see what happens next! I hope the writers are able to keep it interesting,because,there is a great deal of potential to keep the story absolutely captivating. I also like "Revenge" & I worry ,because "Revenge" seems limited,I mean what happens after she's done getting even with everyone-how do they keep the story going? I think "Ringer" has more options because they have so many more available twists & turns to explore . Personally, I believe "Ringer" has become better & better from episode to episode IMHO. I hope this long hiatus(last first-run episode Nov.29-next first-run episode Jan.31) does not hurt the show.Wishing all fans the best,&,thank you for giving me a forum to post my comments.




I'm actually really pissed off, but this means that there will be delays in future for Ringer and it'll just play out to May Sweeps. Hoo-rah! :D


The good news for Ringer fans, it's going to run nearly repeat free for most of its remaining run til May.


I don't understand why The CW is giving Remodeled the regular time slot of Ringer until the end of January. Sorry, but I have no interest in watching ANOTHER reality show about modeling. Does The CW think that Remodeled is going to be such a ratings blockbuster, like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars? Why are they hyping this show so much? I'm afraid people will forget about Ringer when it doesn't come back on January 10, like they have been advertising since November. Please stop messing around with the schedule! This is only going to lead to confusion, especially to viewers who don't have DVRs or Tivos!


How dare they delay Ringer. Ringer is the main show I watch on Tuesdays and I stop watching 90210 after the second season. Put Remodeled on the wednesday slot with ANTM because that is what it seems to fit with.

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