The Good Wife Preview, Poll: What Went Wrong?

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A false alarm led to an actual break up on The Good Wife last night, as Alicia broke down in tears and told Will she simply couldn't keep going as they were any longer. For my expanded take on this drama's most recent episode, read my review of "Parenting Made Easy."

Looking ahead, meanwhile, The Good Wife will wrap up 2011 with an episode that finds Lockhart/Gardner reacting to a shocking verdict by taking the extreme route of trying to get it overturned.

Which character will be cuffed for her efforts? Watch the official preview for "What Went Wrong" and then vote in our poll.

Did Alicia make the right call last night?

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I hope the next episodes go to another night ,(not sunday) to much football.


I don't really like Will. Let's examine some aspects of his behaviour in this episode.
1. In the conversation with Kalinda, he admits that he doesn't know what he really wants and he doesn't know what Alicia wants, it didn't occur to him to ask her. Selfish, weak and undecided.
2. Also, he asked Kalinda earlier if breaking up with Alicia would calm down Peter. So it was also his intention to break up, but Alicia was faster.
3. I didn't like him blackmailing Eli to dig for him the intentions of Peter, in exchange for the help with his clients. Do ut des, the motto for the selfish. Compare that attitude with the way Kalinda helped finding Grace, in a perfect altruistic way. As the wise men say, "help before asked and dissapear before getting rewarded"
4. And finally he lied Diane that he was the one that broke up with Alicia: "Yep! She Will"
Celeste was right about him in a previous episode: "don't move ! that's Will's MO" And he actually he did nothing in the Grace crisis, he was an outsider, a total stranger.
I think Alicia deserves better.


i totally agree. ^


Parenting made easy - the best episode of the best show. Julianna Margulies gave an undescrible, uncompareble, and memorable acting of Alicia. She made it for me, for you and for everyone the best goodbye ever. She deserve an EMMY only for this episode alone. Josh, Christine, Archie and everyone were excellent, a well done team job. They all shoud be proud of it.

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