The Good Wife Round Table: "Parenting Made Easy"

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Alicia Florrick nearly suffered through her biggest nightmare on The Good Wife last Sunday, while fans of her and Will as a couple did, indeed, endure a troubling resolution to this pairing.

What did you think of "Parenting Made Easy?" In the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and  Carissa Pavlica discuss...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Eli trying to be friendly, and then Will calling him out on it. These two rarely interact, but it was fun to see the former get put in his place a bit, while also reminding me that he works with Peter. I had forgotten.

Christine: I really enjoyed the back and forth between Alicia and Canning as they both backed up their apprentices. Martha showed that she could hold a grudge, Caitlin proved she was blonde, not stupid, and even the mediator was entertaining.

Carissa: I hate to say it, but the talk Grace and Alicia had about happiness. I was genuinely pleased that Grace cared so much about her mothers state of mind. Shows she's growing up.

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Did Alicia make the right choice in dumping Will?
Matt: Absolutely. There's clearly been something missing between these two, namely an open discussion about their feelings. Hot sex is cool when you're just out of college, but Alicia has two kids and a non-public separation. Oh, Will is also her boss.

Christine: Yes, but only because I think she needs to end her marriage with Peter before she can have anything real with anyone else. The unexpected part in all of this was that Will always seemed more invested in this relationship than Alicia. Unfortunately, he turned out to be one distraction too many.

Carissa: They don't really have a relationship. They were merely doing each other. It causes her so many different problems, such as guilt and anxiety, I don't see any reason they should stay together. If Alicia decides she is interested in having something other than a fling, I think he will be willing to to jump back in.

Should Alicia go work for Louis Canning?
Matt: I can't think of any reason why should should not. She'd be able to spend more time with her children and, what, Canning has shady clients and/or practices? Wake up, A, so does Lockhart/Gardner.

Christine: No, at least not unless she loses her position at Lockhart Gardner. Canning is just as cutthroat as any attorney, no matter how friendly a face he tries to put on it.

Carissa: Absolutely not. Knowing that he stole a document from her bag was the last straw for me. I find that pathetic. He can't win a case without theft? For shame.

Grace's kidnapping: Tense or lame?
Matt: Lame. It was obvious all along that Grace would be safe and it simply came across as a contrived plot device to force her split with Will.

Christine: From the moment Alicia got the phone call I thought it was tense, but I never believed Grace was in any real danger. I disliked the way it ended. Why wouldn't Kalinda call Alicia the moment she found the girl?And since Kalinda obviously told Grace what was happening, why wouldn't the girl immediately call her parents? That didn't make sense to me.

Carissa: During the event it was tense. The conclusion was lame.

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I am so impressed with the writing! excellent! Will and Diane in the last scene of Parenting... Diane thinking he broke up with Alicia...saying she'll get over it and Will agreeing. So sad, implying that he won't. I hope she ends up with Will, he has loved her since college. Chris Noth is such a hottie!! His character Peter's long-time cheating makes him a failure as a husband, not to be trusted. Hope to see more of Diane and her beau McVeigh.


1. I loved the last scene between Louis Canning and Alicia. And this may be a weird choice, but I liked Kalinda and Grace scene. I can't wait for Alicia and Kalinda to rekindle their friendship but I thought it was very in character for Kalinda to tell Grace not to tell Alicia. 2. No. If the writers felt the need to break them up (I'm not sure why), there were so many other ways they could have done it. I hated they made it sound like Alicia had to choose between Will and being a good Mom. 3. Yes ! I'd love to see Alicia go work somewhere else. (On the other hand, there would be too many stories to fit in 42 minutes then...) 4. Matt said it : "It simply came across as a contrived plot device to force Alicia to split with Will". But Julianna Margulies was great (as always).


To put everyone at ease Alicia made the right decision, she doesn't love him and he thinks he's got a hot one to fall all over. When it comes out that he is involved in a hot bed of curruption we will see the other side of her, don't forget he is hiding al this from her and him and Diane are floating in the same boat along with the firm.


1. Alicia and Canning. I love it when MJF guest stars in episodes because he's just fun to watch. Their dueling and then his supporting her, then back to the dueling. 2. I like Will and Alicia together...but for Will's sake, yes. For the reasons Christine mentioned. I like Will and Alicia together but I hated seeing that Will was more invested in their relationship then ALicia was. It was almost intriguing seeing the reversal there because usually they depict the guy as not being invested and only into the sex. I actually kept feeling bad for Will when I seen them together. They aren't in the good place that they need to be right now. 3.Yes. She should, it'd probably be beneficial for her, but it would make things sooo interesting. I'd love to see for example her and Will squaring off against each other in a court room. Or see how the D.A's office changes if she isn't there any more. I mean the entire dynamic of the show would be thrown gloriously off balance if Alicia weren't working at Lockhart & Gardner. 4.Lame. I wish I could say I was worried but I wasn't,and a really, really bad part of me was a bit gleeful. The only thing cool about it was that Kalinda, as was expected by myself, was the one to track her down. Alicia had been somewhat cordial with Kalinda for some time now, so the sudden reemergence of the iciness and the lack of her even attempting to use Kalinda, L&G's BEST asset was ridiculous. I didn't like the purpose it served, it served to break up Will and Alicia and they could have did that any other way. I did like that Kalinda looked fab in the scenario and Canning was a blast to watch going from rival to support within seconds.


What's ahead....Kalinda, Peter, Matan and Cary all have the goods on what Blake said in his interview with Matan and so does Andrew Wiley to some extent. Once Alicia, who also has some of the information, is clued into the investigation she and Kalinda are going to use what they have for leverage. Wendy Scott Carr will be eager to blemish Peter's or his wife's reputation so elevator footage will figure for sure. But, Peter will have to call off the investigation once he realizes how it all fits together and Kalinda can use what she has as well to give Will some room to navigate. That will all unfold over time but will be fun to watch.


I agree with Hong; Kalinda didn't call once she'd found Grace because she knew Alicia never answers Kalinda's calls. And Grace's phone was dead. So I think that was reasonable.


Christine: Thank you for responding - and yes, I do think your explanation makes more sense - fingers crossed for an A/W reunion which she gets her life in order!


What broke me up was the last line, when Will repeats 'Yeah. SHE'LL get over it'. (But not him.) And, despite his denial, Louis Canning is totally devoid of ethics. Compared to him, L&G are saints---a much better fit for Alicia.


To Melissa & AD: I can't respond for my colleagues but here's my explanation for saying that Alicia made the right choice in breaking it off with Will after backing the couple from the start... I love Alicia and Will together. I think they make a fun, sexy couple but Alicia doesn't seem ready to take it any farther than afternoon quickies and they both deserve better. I believe Alicia needs to deal with her marriage and I don't think she can do that with Will on the side. The guilt and anxiety just eat away at her. Once she finally divorces Peter and can be honest about a new relationship I'd love to see these two give it another go. I've got my fingers crossed the writers bring them back together sometime in the not so distant future. I hope that makes some sense.


1. Kalinda and Grace in the elevator . Anytime you can pull off a Grace ,"and I didn't call her 12 times the phone was in my back pocket, I butt called her.." Who doesn't love a butt call.. 2. Yes, is the right answer for her character. No , for the viewer as that last scene was amazing. 3. Absolutely ,more MJ... 4. Lame.. As I actually sussed it out. Not to mention religion again, just bad TV.

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