The Most Dynamic Duo on TV Is...

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Over 55,000 readers chimed in over the last two weeks, and they made the voices well known:

Troy and Abed from Community comprise the Most Dynamic Duo on television!

The hosts of their own fictional talk show garnered 26% of the vote, easily beating out Brennan and Booth (18%), Castle and Beckett (14%) and Sam and Dean (14%). No other duo reached double figures.

Thank you to all who voted. The TV Fanatic staff agrees: you made the right choice. Now, let's go all tell that to NBC, shall we?

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‘a lot more’ atclaluy only equated to three or four good sized chuckles… it’s hardly a ringing endorsement.


I'm so pleased they won but 55,000 viewers is not much though, is it?!


Troy and Abed are dynaaaaamic!!


YAAAY!! we're gonna win everything


I couldn't agree more and be more happy about the voting outcome! Troy and Abed rule! NBC, put this show back on your schedule ASAP!!!


Troy and Abed in the morrning!!
I love these two!!


Of course they won! :-D I just wrote to NBC to be sure they knew. Here's the link, in case others want to write to put in a good word for the best comedy on TV right now: Janet

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