The Secret Circle Winter Premiere Clip: Is Cassie Evil?

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Cassie Blake has dark magic running through her blood. This is not up for debate.

But can she control it? That will be the central question running through The Secret Circle when it returns with new episodes on January 5.

Watch a clip from the aptly-titled winter premiere ("Darkness") below and find out what Jake's take is on Cassie's heritage, along with Cassie's scary response to his intrusion:

Also on tap when The Secret Circle returns:

  • We'll meet Diana's grandmother.
  • Grey Damon debuts as a mysterious love interest for Faye.
  • Cassie turns to Adam in a time of need.

Watch the official CW 2012 premiere promo now and bookmark the TV Fanatic Secret Circle section. There will clearly be A LOT to discuss in the days/weeks/months ahead.

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It is definately a dream. By the way Adam and Cassie look 2 good together.


Sorry guys, it not dream. She really is going to kill him and thanks god because he's lying MURDERER and oh yea karma is a bitch!


It's definately a dream...Jake would never speak to her like that and i think Cassie has still a crush on Jake no matter what they have discovered about him being a witch hunter and she would never try to kill him or make him suffer....i think Cassie is a good hearted spite of the fact that she does have this dark power...she will fight it over.!


.. it's a dream.


I like the fact that the main character is going into a very dark direction. It's so interesting to see that. Really looking forward to this episode.


please tell me she kills that awful awful awful awful awful awful awful (times infinity) actor. I will only truly be happy when that happens. This guy makes Liam from 90210 an Oscar Nominated actor... my friggin word!!!! Its like Geppetto carved him! He is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so wooden!


Just watched it and it looks great can't wait for it to come back on and I think that the scene might have been a dream because I don't think Jake would really tell her that she can't control it like that and I don't think she would have done that to him that long I think she would of stopped. Again I can't wait till the show comes back it looks amazing.


can't wait for the show to come back..diana and faye are my favs...does anyone know if diana and adam would reconcile??cos they are amazing together..i just love them.


Haha I was laughing the entire video. This is a comedy scene, right? I cannot take this seriously, I have no idea why. It's probably a dream anyways.


Pretty sure it's a dream sequence

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