The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 91

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Another week gone by, another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest in the books.

As always, thank you to every reader who sent in an entry. Please continue to participate every week, as a new photo goes up each Friday. Who took home the top prize for this edition?

The user named Lenya Salvatore, who submitted the caption posted underneath the photo. Read it now, scroll through the other comments and come back to play again and again!

Major Exploration

Tyler: Nice! Cave drawings of Rebekah!
Caroline: Oh, so NOW you're interested in art.

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S.O.S. please someone help me


Tyler: So this is the secret room where the TVD writers store all of the fillers for plot holes...
Caroline: I can't believe how big it is!
Tyler: Yeah. And if history is anything to go by, it's gonna get way bigger than this!
Caroline: It looks like the biggest piles have to do with Katherine and the Originals.
Tyler: Hey! I found an ancient file!
Caroline: What is it?
Tyler: An explanation of why the vampire diaries only had Elena and Stefan write in their diaries a couple of times. In the entirety of three seasons.


Tyler: So what do you think? Perfect set, right?
Caroline: Yes, it is. Our movie is going to make 'The Descent' look as cheesy as 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon'!
Tyler: And we don't have to spend money on costumes and stage effects! We've got our witch to levitate stuff and burst it into flame, and our scary werewolf!
Caroline: And don't forget that thanks to Klaus, we can film more then one day out of the month.
Tyler: Look out Hollywood!


Tyler: Nice! Cave drawings of Rebekka!
Caroline: Oh, so NOW you're interested in art.


Caroline: I mean it, Tyler! We need to talk about this whole Rebekah situation.
Tyler: Look, Caroline! Something shinny!
Caroline: *looks* Ooooooo!


Tyler: I can't believe it.
Caroline: See, I told you they sparkled.


Caroline: I'm not a cat, Tyler. I'm not going to chase a stupid beam of light up the wall.


Caroline: What are you doing?
Tyler: Shhh! I'm trying to figure some stuff out here, Caroline. *looks around* Do you know what we need? Some rope.
Caroline: That's stupid. Name one thing you'd need a rope for, Tyler.
Tyler: You don't know what you're going to need it for. You just always need it.
Caroline: *rolls eyes* Whatever! Get your stupid rope, Tyler.
Tyler: (under breath) Oh, I'll get it, Caroline. I'll get my "stupid" rope. There's some "stupid" rope right over here. *grabs rope*


Caroline: Do I need to explain how to play 7 minutes in heaven again, Tyler?


Tyler: I'm telling you this is where Carmen Sandiego is

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