The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 92

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Another week down, another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest in the books.

Thank you so very much to all who submitted entries for this edition, as many of you tried to get inside Jeremy's head while he hugged a ghostly ex-girlfriend. But user "May" made us laugh the hardest via the caption below, which tweaked other readers in a playful manner.

It's true. We get A LOT of Twilight Saga entries. Check out the winner now and remember to come back and play every Friday!

Jeremy and Anna

Jeremy: I know. Just one more movie and all the Twilight references will finally end.


Jeremy: Aren't my arms supposed to go through you? I don't get the rules of this show anymore.


Jeremy: Wait, that spell Bonnie cast, it only banished ghosts, right? Then why don't I get any screen time since that?


Jeremy : Just because you are a ghost, you decide not to shower? Thank God you are disappearing in a few minutes.


Jeremy: "Come on Anna. Hold it together for one more week and then we're back on TV....Ummm, well maybe not you."


Jeremy: You're the heaviest ghost ever!!!
Anna: Uhm... I miss you too?!


Jeremy: ouch, ooh.... I think my fingers stuck in that nest you call hair!
Anna: just coz i want the spiders to live somwhere when i was 'dead'. Gosh talk about ungrateful!


Jeremy: it doesnt hurt to use tresemme
Anna: well you try cleaning your hair whilst half dead!!
Jeremy:looks like someone doesnt care about their looks?


Jeremy's thoughts: Oops! something just struck midnight
Anna's facial expression: =|


Anna: Don't worry Jeremy, we still have a seat for underused characters. Come with me!


ANNA: I can't believe Community's not coming back.
JEREMY: I know, I'm sad too...
ANNA: They said five seasons and a movie. I HEARD THEM!

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