The X Factor Elimination Results: Who Made the Finale?

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Marcus Canty now has plenty of time on his hands to make love to you, ladies.

The soulful dancer was eliminated from The X Factor this week, following a performance on Wednesday night that Simon Cowell referred to as "horrific and grotesque." That's hard to come back from.

Final 4 Perform

Prior to Canty's elimination, viewers were treated to a medley by all of the final four, as well as a performance of "Spectrum" by Florence + The Machine. Melanie Amaro and Chris Rene were the first pair to advance to the final, leaving Marcus to square off against Josh Krajcik.

"God blessed me so much," Canty said moments after he received the news. "It's not over yet."

So, three head to next week's two-night finale. Who do you think will win?

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Its Josh or Melanie for sure, I thought Id love her to win but Josh is so amazing. I'm kinda pulling for the underdog Josh. Oh and Nicole and LA Reid need to go. Their time is up.


Chris is flat.


TO THE PEOPLE RUNNING THIS SITE.......LOGGING IN WITH FACEBOOK STILL IS NOT WORKING! OT, to all of you STILL blaming Nicole for Rachel going home........SHUT UP is not her fault. Rachel did not have the votes to stay. It was Nicole's option to default to America's vote and she did so. I bet all the ones complaining DID NOT EVEN VOTE NOT ONE TIME. LET IT GO ALREADY.
I can just about guarantee you all these top contestants somewhere down the line will get a recording contract of some kind. It was time for Marcus to go. He just didn't deliver this week. It wore on him I think being in the bottom two the last three weeks. I think Melanie will win this thing...........


So we forget that Nicole left the prior weeks elimination up to America's vote and essentially this is the reason why Rachel went home that week. I m pulling for Melaine and then Josh. Rachel is better off being free to be the next Disney Star.


I think that everyone is forgetting that the american public voted Rachel Crow off.The public decided that other contestants should be voted off too.So I don't see what the hoo ha is about.Leave Nicole alone.


Its about time they sent Marcus home ... they should send Nicole somewhere too .. shes NOT qualified to judge and she proved it last week .... my boy Josh is the best one and deserves to win ! Even Wendy Williams talk show says Nicole isnt wanted here in the US to judge so she should go to England where they acutally like and want her there lol ....come on Josh !! And Rachel you will be getting offers and the career you deserve !


Since Nicole sent Rachel home last week, I'm no longer watching, and I don't care who wins. Rachel was the best from day one. Marcus had been in the bottom before so Nicole's little "act" was just the coward's way out. She lost her credibility with me. Rachel is going to be a STAR--just watch and see.


The singers on Xfactor have all been fabulous. I just couldn't believe that Racheal Crowe was sent home. I thought she always gave the best performance every week. Marcus Canty was great but not the best. I think it will just come down to how many friends and people in general like the contestants. Racheal will be a star, I am quite sure. She is phonomanal.