The X Factor Elimination: Two Beat It Home

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The Thriller(er) is over for two contestants. A pair of hopefuls were asked to Beat It back home tonight. Indeed, when a couple X Factor finalists are asked tomorrow, "Will You Be There?" next week, their answer will be no.

Awful Michael Jackson puns aside, who were the unlucky tandem?

X Factor Top 7

Early on in the broadcast, Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow and Chris Rene were passed through as the top three vote-getters. Little time was then wasted in eliminating Astro, who took the news a lot better than he did two weeks ago when he found himself in the bottom pairing.

It then came down to 15-year old Drew and dancing Marcus, with Simon, of course, showing support for his protege; LA and Nicole selecting Drew and Paula, reluctantly, agreeing. So long, talented young one.

"I have a lot to show you guys, and it's a lot more upbeat," Drew said, sobbing, upon learning the news, reacting to criticism that her performances were too sullen, especially her final rendition of "Billie Jean."


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Melanie will win - she is clearly, and I stress clearly, the best singer. And we have yet to see her completely belt it out. Josh is second. He is a rocker and worthy of at least 1 contract. Drew was third best. Then Rachel, Marcus, Chris, and Astro. the thing is, with any of these singers is that for their ongoing career it will be about the material they write or get their hands on. Lots of people can sing others songs. Few can write songs. So it will come down to what record companies give them to sing or what these people can come up with. Some of these singers might be one trick ponies. Tell me that Astro doesn't the sound the same around the 5th time. Same worries with Chris and Rachel and Marcus. Simon screwed up with Drew and he admnits it. She was capable of more and they never showed it. Her unique voice will get her a shot and I personally look forward to hearing from her. All of these 7 will do something. It's more a question of whether they will make it beyond that 1 shot. Astro - given his market segment and ability to write, may make it further than many of you think.

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

I think Simon was correct in taking full responsibility for Drew's performances.........Nicole was right when she said he was playing it safe with her.......turns out that was her undoing and lead to her being voted off the show......Drew should have shown she could do up tempo music and she didn't do that at all. Not to mention she was WAY to young to handle this kind of pressure as was proven last night when she was balling like a baby because she got voted off...........her "save me" song was horrible ......Simon knew it too....... Now to Astro....He deserved to go home and should have went two weeks ago when we saw THE REAL Astro.........this kids a punk and needs an attitude adjustment.......hopefully now he's learned his lesson.......... As to the show in general........I do like it a lot better than American Idol.......but I'm not sure I like the judges overriding America's vote.....It's obvious they will never vote against who they are mentoring........My thinking is the final two will be Josh and Melanie.........I think Rachel Crow is too young..........Marcus needs to step up his game a does Chris Rene


@ Hammer, you answered my question.


Whether 15 or 50, they both stunk. Making excuses for horrible performances doesn't make it right. This is a contest with the "best" being the last one standing; this isn't a casting call for potential singers who may develop after they "mature." I's a snapshot in time and both Astro and Drew need to go home and come back in 10 years, maybe then they'll imrove?


I understand that people may not be fond of rappers but Astro is a talented kid especially for him to write his own verses. Majority of the rappers these days have ghost writers. I do agree that his attitude is not going to help him but he has it honest. Unforunately for Drew she sounded the same every week her style is different but I m okay with her going home. I m sorry but Chris Rene should be next.


@ Hammer, do you think these kids are fully grown at fifteen? You mean you are still the same you are when you were that age, if that is the case, that you never matured beyond their age, then I can relate to your comment.


I correctly predicted the bottom three yesterday and couldn't be happier with the two who were sent home. Drew was god-awful Wed night with yet another boring, lethargic rendition of an upbeat song. This is the last you'll ever hear from her... Astro is a novelty act at best. He can talk fast in rhyme, but that's about it. He should have been booted long ago. I believe this is the last time you'll ever hear from Astro. Both are stuck in one speed, one style and that's all they know.


No doubt Drew is talented, as is Astro and we'll probably be hearing from them both. But Denise is right -- talking back is frowned upon by the voting public. If you can't take criticism, you're in the wrong business. Especially when you're only 14 years old -- you come across as a cocky brat. And enough of wearing your faith on your sleeve. God bless us all, but X Factor is not church.


well the only reason I even somewhat watched this show is now gone... Sending drew home was the WRONG CHOICE!!!! Definitely disagree with the bottom two with Marcus and Drew. IMO Rachel should be in the bottom. I still think drew will be picked up and make an album! And I will definitely buy it! probably wont buy anyone else's album except Chris Rene.


When contestants think they know more than the judges and talk back, it has NOTHING to do with their voice but attitude. America demands respect. American Idol should have taught them the valuable lessons of disrespecting those in authority. I'm not surprised Drew and Astro is GONE and if little Rachael is not careful she is NEXT. It was Simon's fault or anyone else who justifies and condones such actions, regardless of how they sound. I always KNOW that those kind will NEVER win. Check out American Idol. The back talkers ALWAYS lose or go home sooner or later.
It's OK to be able to express yourself but it is called wisdom and respect something the parents are NOT teaching in the homes ANYMORE and why our world has turned out to be as it is today.