The X Factor Finale Results: Who Won It All?

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The X Factor crowned its first-ever U.S. champion this week... although it took two hours and a number of performances to get to that point.  

Each finalist sang a holiday classic and then multiple stars jumped on stage to perform, highlighted by a number of L.A. Lakers bench players joining 50 Cent on a couple of tracks. That was certainly the strangest thing I've seen since those Robocop dancers were on stage the night before.

The X Factor Champion

Steve Jones then announced the third place finish on the first season of The X Factor. And the second runner-up was... Chris Rene!

That meant it was down to Josh Krajcik and Melanie Amaro for the title. After a number of other performances - including numbers by Justin Bieber and Leona Lewis - the debut winner of The X Factor was revealed. And the grand prize of a $5 million recording contract and a worthless Pepsi commercial was... Melanie Amaro!

Let's hope Krajcik doesn't go back to slinging burritos.

Amaro screamed out "God is Good" upon winning, ending the evening with another version of "Listen."

What do you think, TV Fanatics, of The X Factor results?


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I wonder if my dad will let me be a singer one day so I just wrote the thing that said Jesse on it. My brother made up his own song it goes lie this youtube is the best show channel in the world i like very much my favrite show is th the suit life of Zack and Cody.


Thats so cool that Melanie won. Did Chris come in third, because I just saw the results and it said that Chris came in third place I wonder if my kids watched it. So bye guys.


Everyone knew she'd win and deservedly so. I thought Josh would come in second, although I believe he will sell the most records. Chris is a great guy too, hope they all do well. BTW I feel like Idols Pia Toscano and Amaro should work together on a few songs....very similar.