The X Factor Top 5 Results: Shocker!

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The X Factor went from five to four tonight, eliminating one more contestant before next week's semifinals. After listening to performances by two people who would be in the Over 30s group on this show - Lenny Kravitz and Mary J. Blige - Steve Jones and the gang got to the results. 

So Long To...

In no particular order, it was revealed that Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene, and Melanie Amaro were safe for another week. Not a huge surprise here, as Marcus Canty is always a bottom dweller and Rachel Crow finished with the least amount of votes from America.

That's when things got interesting. Both contestants sang songs from Top 11 week. Marcus was great with his second performance of "I'm Going Down," but Rachel was ridiculously awesome in her second outing with "I Would Rather Go Blind." I gave her a 9/10 and touted Rachel "BEST OF THE NIGHT" with this song a couple weeks ago, and she might have been even better here. There was just so much emotion in the performance as she feared elimination.

As always, it next went to the judges.  Let's see what they decided...

L.A. wanted to send home Rachel.

Simon quickly countered by sending home Marcus.

Then, Paula admitted she was moved by Rachel's performance and had to send Marcus home.

Finally, Nicole - who obviously thought Rachel deserved to stay but didn't want to be "the one" to give Marcus the boot - picked to make it a DEADLOCK by sending Rachel home.

So with a 2-2 judges' vote, we got to the second Deadlock of the season, and who did America send home? Surprise, Surprise! Rachel Crow left The X Factor this week, which means Marcus Canty survives once more, and will back for next week's Final Four.

Then came my favorite moment of the night, and maybe of the entire season. After Rachel realized she was done, she burst into cries that could be heard a mile away, and pleaded with her mother to promise her that everything was going to be okay. She was very sad, and that type of behavior is reasonable for a 13-year old.

What Steve Jones did next had me rolling on the floor laughing. He tried to go in with the microphone to get a sound bite from Rachel, which would have been nothing but loud, annoying cries, only to then back off quickly. He pushed his earphone tighter into his ear, as he was most likely listening to producers and directors telling him to talk to Rachel, and Steve just shook his head and mouthed "Nope." The unintentional comedy is through the roof with reality television.

I'm sad to see Rachel go. After a brilliant "save me" performance, and the fact that Marcus had been in the bottom two three straight weeks, it would have been easier to say goodbye to Mr. Canty. And now, L.A. is the only one with two acts left, so he is going to be even more insufferable.

Next week's the final four, but how did you feel about how the final five went down? Weigh in below.


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x factor does not want to kwow the life of anyone seeking stars make success in music unique talent only one chris rene.


congratulation chris rene top4 you the big star in x factor l.ared chose well without a doubt you born star.


chris rene the past is not the case was by approved at the beginning by saimon cowell,nicole,paula,l.ared x factor juris.and all spoke the truth yet been accepted chris rene proved he deserved the place that received.


may man chris rene is safe top4 i am happy best record artist best singer
best unique talent chris rene vote for chris rene.


Why was Nicole ever considered to judge music? Her crowning achievement has been winning a dancing show and being one of many PCDs. There are a few million good looking females in hollywood, hell if that's the criteria where is Cheryl Cole?!! This chick Nic doesn't want to judge, she's tryin to pull a JLo and just act sweet "everyone was good". Ugh. As useless as she is, L A Reid is so hard headed and incapable of being fair. Its like he's a prejudice 12 year old. MARCUS IS TERRIBLE minus a *few* ok performances. He is one of another MILLION young "hip hop" kids popping up. At this point I wont be back next season, if Nicole and LA leave I probably will. If those two leave It could be better then Idol, until then it will continue to lag in the ratings and media outlets.


Nicole did the right thing by going to deadlock as both contestants sang amazingly, and you could tell that someone to her left was telling her to go to deadlock. One would have presumed that Marcus had less votes, but the votes were true X Factor especially in the UK is known for having some unpopular dead locks, but evidently Rachael didn't have the support. After seeing her reaction its obvious that she should never have been on the show and the age needs to rise to sixteen. Compared to Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent, Rachael was evidently struggling with the length of the series and the continuous pressure. So sad, but not at all Nicole's fault

Anna maria

I prefer Rachel but I like Marcus too..What I can't believe is that Chris Rene is still there, he SUCKS! He should have left along time ago and Rachel and Drew should still be there! I hope Josh will win though!


Please tell me this show will be cancelled now. I still surpirsed they have not named it the Simon Cowell show anyway.

Terrie lynn mcdonald coleman

First off I think it's totally wrong to blame Nicole for Rachel going home. I guarantee 99% of you hating on Nicole and the show for that matter DID NOT EVEN VOTE. If you don't vote, you don't have a dog in this race........ Secondly, Rachel is WAYYYYYYY to young to be on this show, as was Drew. They are too young to handle this kind of pressure as witnessed by their reactions at their respective eliminations. Did anyone pick up on that Simon didn't seem to take Rachel's elimination as hard as Drew's???
Personally, I am not worried about Rachel. Simon will make sure she gets some kind of recording contract down the line. If he doesn't I think Paula will. On to Marcus...yes, he's been in the bottom two three weeks in a row now and really in all honesty he should have went home. He, to me, just does not have the "IT" factor. However, it's a no brainer that the judges will not vote against who they are mentoring. That's where America's vote comes in. I think it will come down to Melanie and Josh and right now I think Melanie is going to win this thing.......... I have no reason to think this show is rigged like American Idol is. It's better because they don't allow unlimited voting(teens and their cell phones) like AI does and it's not who the producers want to win like AI is. American Idol is purely a popularity contest that is not based on actual talent. I haven't watched AI since Melinda Dolittle was robbed and won't. I fully intend on watching the rest of the season of XFactor............


I was livid with last nights results. Let me start with Simon, and tell him , boy did you get it wrong for judges, when you got l A Reid. What were you thinking? This prejudice person cannot be wrong, cannot give anyone a nice compliment, they were always back handed ones. "like never thought you could do it that good." ( what is that). Of couse unless it was one of the boys......... He needs to go and after last night Nicole needs to go........she cannot judge period. I will never watch this show again, so good luck next year simon, You got it wrong. sorry! I loved you on idol, get different judges , get rid of lA and nicole and maybe will watch next year. Secondly, just because he was in the bottom 2 for the 3rd time, Marcus should have gone............hello? As for Rachael, I havent seen so much charisma and talent, and personality since Shirley Temple! This kid has got it all...........and will only get better with age and experience. Anyone with 1 ear, and heard the two sing last night, couldnt have chosen him over her, he is so boreing and sounds like a million others..........Two finalists should be Melanie and Josh, now here is talent!