Torrey DeVitto Previews Stint on The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars Return

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TV Fanatics are about to enjoy a double dose of Torrey DeVitto.

The actress will make her return to Pretty Little Liars soon after it returns with new episodes next week, while she also debuts next month on The Vampire Diaries. DeVitto offered a preview of her latter character, Dr. Mary Fell, over the phone with me on Friday.

Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries

"She meets Alaric and is fascinated by his ability to recover from medical incidents so quickly," DeVitto said. "And that professional fascination turns into a romantic fascination."

Wait... what happens to Alaric?!? Does DeVitto's Dr. Fell meet him in the ER?

"Quite possibly," the actress simply teased.

DeVitto said she has watched The Vampire Diaries off and on - she is married to star Paul Wesley, after all - but she wasn't familiar with Alaric's extraordinarily bad (read: deadly) history with women to date. Will Mary survive the relationship?

"For the sake of his character alone, I hope so," she laughed. "Hopefully I don't burn up in flames or try to kill him or anything. He deserves a better ending than he's had."

DeVitto has filmed four episodes so far and assured me her character has no supernatural abilities.

Over on ABC Family, meanwhile, the actress will be back as Spencer's pregnant sister, Melissa. No, she did not reveal to me the identity of A, partly because she doesn't know it.

"I need to have a 30-minute conversation with [creator Marlene King] every week," DeVitto said. "There's so much going on, I feel like I'm reading the script in Spanish. And even at the end of the conversation, I still don't know what's going on!"

Can she offer fans any kind of tease for what's ahead, though? A smidgeon? A morsel?

"The one thing you can always count on in Rosewood is that things are not what they seem," she said. "Expect more twist, turns, surprises. And a lot of juicy stuff between Spencer and Melissa."

Pretty Little Liars airs a new episode on January 2, while The Vampire Diaries is back on January 5.

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David and sabrina 2014

I already understand about this Torrey chick being in vampire diaries even though it's not a big deal to me. I want to know more about what happens throughout the season. =) -| =P


and yeas im one of those people who HATE elena's character! she is so annoying, helpless and everything revolves around her! i strongly believe damon nor stefan deserve break their family bound for some1 like elena.. bonnie and caroline are by far my favorite girls on the show.. the only time i like elena is when she is wit stefan cuz i love how she does everything for him.. i fell in love with them since the beginning! i think damon is better with a strong woman like bonnie.. S and E are a strong couple, their find their way.. and their fans are growing everyday instead of diminishing, which is good!


the writers cant never base this on fanbase... many people think DE shippers are more than SE, but the truth is that they are both HUGE ships! so thats why the writers cant base none of them base on what ''most'' people want! they have to follow the sense of every character. We have seen elena and stefan for 2 seasons and no real romance between her and damon, which is gonna happen this season. The point is that delena's shippers were screaming at the top of their lungs to see DE romance while SE shippers were more quiet about it, so thats why many people still think DE are actually more..but the truth is that now that DE is happening, their shippers are calming down cuz theyre getting what they want and now SE shippers are screaming to see stefan and elena back together again, so SE shippers are now pretty much like DE shippers were a season ago.yes this is a love triangle but stefan and elena are the endgame, thats how it should be..


@Stefelena I agree with the fact that Forwood isn't competing with any other ships. It's refreshing, actually, and I'm sure the majority of the fanbase does route for them. But we will never really know what the majority of fans actually watch for. Not everyone participates in different polls or forums as VampBarbie said.


Mrs niklaus, even with all these reasons you gave, the show still attracts the viewers, more and more. Which begs the question, is the writing that bad if viewers keep tuning in. The writers cater to their target audience and thats why TVD is the highest rated show on cw. Look at a show like ringer, where Ill admit writing, according to your standards, are better. The show doesnt pull that much viewers. So either something is wrong with the way the writers think, or the millions of viewers. On to Klaus, my question was how the writers failed in Klaus characterization with episodes like The hybrid. The answer is no, since the writers knew what they wanted to do with the character. They made klaus a whining bitch, but they executed it good. Wether a villain has all the balls in the world or not, thats according to personal taste. You and Bored Now, want villains similar to the likes of Buffy's villains and tvd just doesnt portray their villains like that and in your book thats bad writing. The truth is, in reality almost any psycho killer is born out of their childhood situations or is a victim of circumstance. My point is all of your reasons has more to do with personal taste and thats ultimately what seperates you wannabe critiques from the pros, your still too biased. Not that im not also biased, but then again im not practicing to be one.


@vampirebarbie:you'v said everything i wanted to say then again@Amygirl,i know DE still have alot of fans but not like before,people doesn't care anymore coz the writers have already ruined them but still there are some people that definately want them together and just like vampirebarbie said its not every fan that goes online to talk about TVD or vote on polls,but still i think forwood is more popular.


How did it fail in Klaus characteriazation, if it showed how desperate he was not to be alone and how desperately he needed allies? ? Omg you are so blind, you do not even see the big picture. Reasons why they're ruining my precious Nicky's character. 1. A true villain is pure adulterated evil with a back story that will not make him look like a bunny eating PUSSY. 2. Making Klaus cry, because Daddy said "mean things" to him is the icing of his PUSSIFICATION cake. 3. I expected more things from his character, they made him weak little boy with daddy issues. 4. Making his ultimate master plan of not being alone, just makes him a normal guy. Not a psychopathic murderer and a calculating villain that they have hyped him to be. Making him pit against Damon doesn't make him look intimidating, oh btw killing off Mikhael in a few seconds while crying did not make him look stronger either. They turned him into a lil boy who just wants daddy's approval. Why cant they make villains that have balls can terrorise mystic falls for the whole season? So your idea of villains are crying pussies? wow! Even True Blood's season 2 big bad can eat up Niklaus.


omg did I just hit a nerve again. Kitty, you better do a better job.


@AmyGirl The DE is very popular. But they compete with SE fans. It's about 70 to 60% Delena and 30 to 40 % Stelena. As for #forwood there's no ship war so everybody for the most part likes them. There was a recent pole I saw of who people prefer to see be in a relationship and there were 8 different ships and Forwood came in a strong 3rd behind Delena and barely behind Stelena. Forwood was at 13%! Now that means that those people are watching it for Forwood and that's just counting people that saw that pole online and voted. Because not every fan goes online to talk about TVD and vote on poles.


@Stefelena I like Forwood but judging by the polls DE is the most popular "teenage" ship at the moment. You can admit to hating it, or it being dysfunctional, but you can't deny it DOES have a large amount of shippers. I'm not sure about the number of DE fans decreasing, but even then, DE is still popular.

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