TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: Best Villain of 2011

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The TV Fanatic staff has gathered for another special Round Table discussion, as we once again debate the most pressing topics from an entertaining year in television. We've already tacked the Best New Show and the Breakout Star. So now come along and read through the following answers to...


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Matt Richenthal: I hate to reiterate my answer to the question of TV's biggest Breakout Star, but it's the only appropriate response here: Gus Fring from Breaking Bad was both sympathetic and sinister, all business and all scary all the time. A great, great character.

Nick McHatton: This poll sounds tailor made for Regina from Once Upon A Time. The rest of your villains can take a hike, she's got this in the bag. She's the perfect definition of a villain. Regina is ruthless, there's a path of destruction behind her, and she's not afraid of some fisticuffs. And, if that wasn't enough, she's drop dead gorgeous too.

Jim Garner: Nick, I'm sorry but Regina still has the training wheels on. Mags Bennett from Justified not only sat across the table as a man she poisoned died, she punished her son by breaking his hand with a ball-peen hammer. I don't think sending fairytale characters to Maine can really compare to selling out your entire community for strip mining.

Christine Orlando: Okay, I love Regina and Mags but you can't forget Victoria from Revenge. She set her lover up to look like a terrorist and had him sent to federal prison where he died! Then instead of taking pity on his orphaned daughter she had her shipped off to social services and even paid off her shrink to pretty much mentally torture the poor child.  It doesn't get much colder than that.

Carissa Pavlica: The Nielsen Family Households for somehow always burrowing into my head and ignoring shows that I otherwise love.

Dan Forcella: Choosing anyone other than Mags Bennett for this award would be lying to myself and lying to the readers about the fantastic performance Margo Martindale put in as the evil matriarch on Justified's second season. Compelling, entertaining stuff from the long time acting vet. "It was already in the glass. Not in the jar."

Christina Tran: Klaus from The Vampire Diaries is the ultimate villain: absolutely cruel, undeniably witty and perfectly thrilling. If you are standing in his way, just consider yourself dead already.

Eric Hochberger: Scott Disick. I don't actually watch the Kardashians (really, I don't. I swear!). But certain celebrity gossip sources tell me he's one annoyingly pompous dude.

Arlene Gonzalez: Tyler from Revenge. Psycho little weasel social-climbing pill-popping-bisexual-twink-male-whore who apparently will hold the entire Hamptons social scene at gunpoint next season. What's not to love?

Leigh Rainse: I'm going to feed into my teeny bop side and pick "A" from Pretty Little Liars. A is omnipresent, yet nowhere to be found. He/She can control everything that goes on, yet manage to stay off the map. What's scarier than a villain you can't even find?

Your turn, readers: Who was the best villain of 2011?


If you are looking for a villain in Once Upon A Time, I think Robert Carlyle takes the cake for his character, Mr. Gold/Rumpeltsteilskin. I am continually being amazed at his acting chops :)


joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones hands-down. It's ridiculous he isn't on the polls.


Klaus for sure. Regina 2nd.
Y would Eric Hochberger choose Scott Disick of all the baddies this year. Seriously!!!




Klaus hands down. Klaus is the Best Villian of 2011!! In Season 2,We were introduced to Klaus via 1492 flashbacks when Klaus Katerina since he possessed Alaric's body, for a couple of episodes. Then in Season 2 episode 21 "The Sun Also Rises", Klaus he broke the curse that has placed on him 1,000 years by sacrificing a vampire ,(Jenna) a werewolf(Jules), and finally a doppelganger (Elena Gilbert). The original vampire and werewolf that klaus was going to sacrfice was tyler lockwood and caroline forbes was going to be sacrificed, but then Damon had to rescue them from the tomb, from being sacrificed. And then Stefan had to go on a ten-year long blood bender with Klaus in order to save Damon's life. Klaus has killed a lot of people, because that was Klaus does best!! He has been doing that for over a thousand years whether it's daggering, or ripping out hearts, or whatever it may be!! Klaus is the ULTIMATE BEST VILLAIN


Mags Bennett was, hands down, THE Villain(ess) of 2011. Moonshine makin', pot growin', sex offender hirin', money launderin', extortin', Apple Pie poisonin', hit orderin', disposal of a body orderin', son beatin', cuttin' her own son out of the will, kidnappin', threatenin' a Federal, sellin' out your neighbors, givin' up your own son to the law ... None of the others come anywhere close to the baaaaad that was Mags.


Ok, what about half of the characters on Revenge? Lol. Personally, Tyler should be up there. His nasty, terrible self. Victoria Grayson is second only to him. A would be next up.....


Percy (Nikita)! He's in a glass jail cell and everyone else are still just his puppets.


Sadie from Awkward. She is the reason you hate/fear high school no matter how old you are.


Gotta go with A! Someone who sees and knows all on top of manipulating your life.

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