TV Fanatic Staff Round Table: Funniest Show of 2011

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The holidays are approaching, but TV Fanatic has strapped our staff members to their desks and required them to answer a few end-of-the-year questions before setting them free on vacation. So far, we've debated...

Now, we're asking another 2011-related questions to our writers and then our readers: WHAT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHOW OF THE YEAR?

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Matt Richenthal: I'd say Dexter because season six was so laughably bad, but I've picked on that show enough. I'll go with Community because it made me laugh until I cried... upon learning its fate for 2012.

Jim Garner: It's a tie between Two Broke Girls and Whitney. Whitney Cummings ins a genius! And, yes, Eric, I adore Kat Denning still!

Leigh Raines: Happy Endings all the way. Adam Pally and Casey just kill it. Their Halloween costume was ah-mah-zing!

Eric Hochberger: Archer. 2011 provided us with season two, the Wee Baby Seamus, plenty of backstory for the characters and the most perfect episode ever: "Placebo Effect."  Oh, and then for an extra treat, FX managed to squeeze in the "Heart of Archness" before this year came to a close. I can't wait to have you back in 2012, Sterling. Oh, and honorable mention goes to The League for pretty much becoming the Curb Your Enthusiasm of Fantasy Football.

Carla Day: Awkward. Instead of stereotypical high school characters, this show took a more realistic approach to high school and the oddities of being that age. It was hilarious, and also heartfelt. One of the best new shows of the year and the funniest show of the year.

Steve Marsi: Parks and Recreation. Ron f'ing Swanson. Point made.

Christina Tran: Modern Family FTW! The Dunphys and Pritchetts seriously make me laugh out loud every week. It's no wonder the show recently received all of the well-deserved Emmy love.

Arlene Gonzalez: Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David. 'Nuff said.

Dan Forcella: Community. Not only does this now-destined-to-die show have the funniest cast on television, but it's also the only comedy to take such huge risks time and time again. A number of those risks paid off in spades this spring with "Dungeons and Dragons," "Critical Film Studies" and a pair of Paintball episodes. Community's star has only continued to shine this fall, which was highlighted by the brilliant multiple timeline episode, "Remedial Chaos Theory." Oh, and don't forget TV's Most Dynamic Duo: Troy and Abed sewn together!

Christine Orlando: I'm with Christina on this one. Modern Family is smart and funny and makes me laugh every week. There isn't one character I dislike. And despite all of the Emmy love, Ed O'Neill is still highly underrated. He anchors this show.

Chandel: Psych. Hands down. If you're not laughing from the minute this show starts, then you don't have a pulse. Roday, Hill, Lawson, Omundson, Bernsen and Nelson have perfected the art of comedic timing like no other cast on television right now. And as much as it takes actors to play the script, it takes writers with as much character and personality to write these characters into existence. Great acting plus great writing make the hilarious combination that's made Psych such a pleasure to watch these past 6 seasons, and shows no signs of stopping!

Your turn, readers: What was the funniest show of 2011?


Whitney, really? Sigh...


Um Jim Garner should be fired immediately. How can a tv critic actually call Whitney and 2 Broke Girls the funniest shows of the year??? How much is that talentless unfunny hack whitney cummings paying you anyway???
1. Parks and Recreation
2. Community
3. It's ALways Sunny in Philadelphia
4. Louie
5. Modern Family 450. 2 broke girls
451. Whitney


Community and Modern Family, they're the best comedies on tv right now!


So many to choose from, my top three....Modern Family, Parks and Rec and Raising Hope. I loved Community the first season and it was my absolute favorite show on TV but I thought it had steadily gone downhill and I eventually just stopped it recording it midway through this season. I still really liked the paintball episodes but there were just too many episodes that were way to out there for me to enjoy.


Just because YOU didn't like Dexter doesn't mean it wasn't good, or even great. You've formed an opinion, good job. Doesn't mean it holds any weight.


Two Broke Girls and Whitney?!? Really?! In the words of GOB Bluth, "Come On!!!" Gotta go with Community on this one. Troy's freak out in Intermediate Documentary Filming alone was one of the funniest things on TV this year.


I love that Glee is not on this list, though it has become laughably terrible


Also for those who need to watch ->
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Awkward (MTV, 5 – 11 pm) Season 1 marathon.


Matt - get over it, please... We ALL know that you didnt like dexter this year... just let someone else write the review if you hate it so much!


Sorry, but while I am a big fan of Communuity and Parks and Recreation, I have to say none of these. Portlandia was the funniest stuff I've seen all year!

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