Two and a Half Men Review: "One False Move, Zimbabwe!"

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Watching this week's Two and a Half Men, I couldn't help but feel like I'm watching a completely different show these days. Walden has become much more of a focal point since his courtship with Zoe began.

But this week, it was much more than that.

Alan was again relegated to the sideline of the A story as he played Walden's sidekick, while Jake (with some Eldritch) and Berta were barely used as supporting characters.

A Two and a Half Men Christmas

The real difference this week stemmed from guest star Mimi Rogers as Walden's mother. The episode attempted to take a more emotional route again with Walden, this time exploring his childhood.

Apparently, Walden was raised with a gorilla, Magilla, for the first four years of his life as part of his mother's experiment. The result? Walden is smarter than a gorilla. Oh, and some emotional scaring from the "One False Move, Zimbabwe!" threat that led Walden up to the top of a roof for a little King Kong parody.

Somewhere, between that rooftop scene and Walden's reunion with Magilla, the sitcom felt off and like a different show, though watching a 400-pound Gorilla tickle Kutcher had me laughing at the end at least.

The main highlight of the night for me took place on the floor during the King Kong scene. I loved both Zoe's ridiculously adorable parents meeting Walden's mother and the stoned Jake and Eldritch showing up with some pizza in hand, then leaving for some FroYo.

So what did everyone else think of the latest Walden-centric installment of Men? Are you caring about his relationship with Zoe, his mother, and long lost gorilla brother?


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I'm sure Charlie is somewhere laughing his ass off, while writing checks for the writers who're killing the show for him. Thanks Charlie. Love you man.


This show is history as far as I'm concerned. Ashton Kutcher does not appeal to me at all -- his comedy is silly and juvenile instead of sarcastic and racey, which is what the whole show was about before. And what happened to Judith & Herb? Alan should have inherited the house; Judith & Herb could have gotten divorced and then Herb move in with Alan to help him with expenses. Herb and Alan would have been great together. Ashton is just not in the same category of humor.


Hadn't thought about that but that would have kept the show going until CRAZY ROSE had been found out that she'd been holding Charlie "hostage", and he returned. Of course, Herb would have then remarried maybe Lyndsay, Courtney Thorne-Smith, and helped herb raise Millie until the secret came out that Alan was the dad, etc....but the whole new concept of this "new" show SUCKS"! But Charlie keeps cruising! LOVE ANGER MANAGEMENT and I see him bringing over HIS CREW FROM 21/2 and combining the families of both shows and hitting a gold mine church Lorre couldn't touch!! Charlie Sheen has always came out on top and he SAID he'd win this and HE MADE 21/2 AND HES A MAN OF HIS WORD! Love you Charlie!!! Keep getting that money baby and most of all, everything you said has came true! Charlie sheen for president! Lol


The show that everyone gone. Admit it, we all know that this show will not last. It's not even the same show. If they want to keep the cast and storyline (term used lightly) they should re-name it and then continue. Jake is not even a "Half" anymore anyway. This new show is going in a totally different direction. We will always compare it to the original, and it will not measure up. Is anyone else not fooled by Waldens ex as a previous character? Are there no other actresses out there that could have played this role? She was Herb's sister during his wedding with Judith. Really? Bring Kandi back at least.


Horrible! The show is going down. The characters
are so pathetic. The worst thing that happened
To this show was Charlie's departure. Not interested in watching the show anymore.

@ Sandy

I watch ONLY the Charlie re-runs! CHARLIE RULES 21/2 men! Charlie IS 21/2 men!


I was skeptical about Walden at the beginning, but now I just love him ;) Charlie was awesome, but Walden is also terrific. They are just different. I agree it's too much of him now, but I bet it's just now because he's new.
And this episode totally sucks.
And Ashton is unbelievable sexy.


I'm 17 years old and have been a fan of the show for years now. i have to admit that when Charlie left and i heard Ashton was going to be the new star of the show, i was reluctant to watch it as i feared it just wouldn't be the same. and i was right! in my eyes, its a different show completely, but that doesn't mean its 'bad'. i actually think the new episodes are alright but i do understand why most people are finding it hard to adjust. the problem is all those people who seem to be in love with charlie sheen. he's gone. he's not coming back. live with it. saying that, i do think when it comes to the characters, the butter should be spread more evenly, we are seeing too much of Kutcher and not enough of the characters that really make the show what it is. i would actually love to see more of Jake and Eldritch as their relationship is really funny! Two and a half men will continue as long as the writers remember that it's not 'The Ashton Kutcher show'. well, thats my rant over :) merry christmas!


Someone needs to take the crayon away from the 8 year old who is writing this season! Are they really paying Jake, Evelyn, and Berta for being on the show? They are rarely in a scene! Focusing on the Ashton character only appeals to fourth or fifth graders (like IQs).


Just watched this episode the other night and wondered who thought this mindless drivel was funny. Kutcher just hasn't got it, he only has the one facial expression ,just looking at the faces Charlie Sheen pulled was as good as a joke. Without wishing to get repetitive get Charlie Sheen Back or call it a day. Along with another reviewer I will continue to watch repeats of the shows with Sheen in but won't bother with this rubbish it's an insult to a once very funny show. TWO AND A HALF MEN R.I.P.


i agree, total insult of intelligence. A gorilla??? Kutcher also sucks but that's not all.


Hi from the UK. I loved Two & a Half Men throughout its lifetime and whilst I've tried desperately hard to like the new style, I just can't take to it. It's not Ashton or any of the other characters, its the writing which seems to have gone so lame and crude to the extent its not funny, unlike previously when the balance was about right. There is still mileage in interaction with Jake's natural stupidity despite him approaching adulthood whilst the lack of regular input from Evelyn, Berta, Lyndsey and Judith is sorely missed. The gorilla episode was just cringeworthy. Rather like a champion heavyweight boxer who is attempting a comeback when his best years are behind him, please retire the show off before it sinks any lower and a true legend becomes tainted. Frasier ended at just the right time as the characters had run their natural course and the programme was still adored. By the way, speaking from an englishman perspective, Zoe is one awful actress and her accent just doesn't sound right.

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