Two and a Half Men Review: "One False Move, Zimbabwe!"

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Watching this week's Two and a Half Men, I couldn't help but feel like I'm watching a completely different show these days. Walden has become much more of a focal point since his courtship with Zoe began.

But this week, it was much more than that.

Alan was again relegated to the sideline of the A story as he played Walden's sidekick, while Jake (with some Eldritch) and Berta were barely used as supporting characters.

A Two and a Half Men Christmas

The real difference this week stemmed from guest star Mimi Rogers as Walden's mother. The episode attempted to take a more emotional route again with Walden, this time exploring his childhood.

Apparently, Walden was raised with a gorilla, Magilla, for the first four years of his life as part of his mother's experiment. The result? Walden is smarter than a gorilla. Oh, and some emotional scaring from the "One False Move, Zimbabwe!" threat that led Walden up to the top of a roof for a little King Kong parody.

Somewhere, between that rooftop scene and Walden's reunion with Magilla, the sitcom felt off and like a different show, though watching a 400-pound Gorilla tickle Kutcher had me laughing at the end at least.

The main highlight of the night for me took place on the floor during the King Kong scene. I loved both Zoe's ridiculously adorable parents meeting Walden's mother and the stoned Jake and Eldritch showing up with some pizza in hand, then leaving for some FroYo.

So what did everyone else think of the latest Walden-centric installment of Men? Are you caring about his relationship with Zoe, his mother, and long lost gorilla brother?


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My husband and I have been avid viewers of Two and a Half Men since it's inception. The cast and writers blended perfectly. We were both disappointed thatr. Lorre and Mr. Sheen couldn't reach a resolution to continue the show with Sheen, but we knew that Lorre was a brilliant writer and with all the supporting cast, the show could carry on without Sheen. It couldn't!! I'm not sure if Chuck Lorre has had a complete nervous breakdown over he and Sheen not reaching a resolution, but the writing could NOT be worse!! I'm not really an Ashton Kutcher fan, but was willing to give him a chance. This entire "ridiculous" show is not Kutcher's fault or his acting abilities. Look what he's been givne to work with? Absurd, stupid lines and story content. But hey, I'd act stupid like that too for $700,000 an episode! He's no dummy! How did ANY of these so called brilliant writers think that ANY audience would think any of these silly lines and story content would work? Did Lorre ever think of keeping all the other original cast memebers and just bring in Herb? Herb is GREAT for the part. Judith could have thrown him out of the house and now there would be the two ex husbands living together and what a hoot they would be!! There could be stories of their so called "dating excapades", both dealing with Judith, Jake trying to deal with Herb and his Dad and Berta just having a tizzy, etc! SO MANY story lines! Sorry Mr. Lorre, but you blew it!!! I'm sure this will be the last Season of Two and a Half Men" unless Charlie comes back from a dream!!! Well, it worked for Dallas. :) Mr. Lorre, you are writing for an adult audience, not for 5 year olds who think being raised with a gorilla would be fun! My husband and I have given the new show every chance, but enough is enough. I feel terribly sorry for the great supporting cast, they have benn given a rotten apple and it will never ripen. They have done a stupendous job and should have been given a better chance, but they have had nothing to work with. It's been a great ride and now it's time to get off and go on to better things in life than wait for Magilla to jump!


this show is so bad ,this episode blows.please end it

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