Video: Community Flash Mob Occupies NBC

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Fans of what many consider to the funniest show of 2011 gathered in New York City today with one message for NBC: save Community!

Huddled together outside of Rockefeller Center, the fake-bearded protestors were led by activist Catherine Boyd, who told TV Guide of the effort, inspired by NBC's decision to bump Joel McHale and company off its early 2012 schedule:

"This is not a complaint. This is just like, let's bring all of our energy and all of our love [together]. I'm not a comedic actor. I'm not a trained person of any kind, so I tried to come up with something with zero rehearsal and zero skill set."

Watch the awesome, quasi flash mob now:

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If I lived in NY I would have soooooo been there!!! Six seasons and a movie!!!


Please save this show...


I love the sentiment...But I'd be apt to cancel the show after that pathetic song. Also, I think we're bandying the phrase "Flash Mob" a little too wildly if this rates that appellation. It was a bunch of carollers, or the video I saw was not the right one.
Still, I hope some eyes got on it, and Greendale is saved.


Who the fuck is this guy- review56/56111... . Irritating posts. Why post gossip girl stuff here? Why the links to these video sites? I forgot what i actually intended to say. Oh ya, here it is. Awesome video- Bring back green dale, troy and abed and jeff and annie. I don't want them on a break. Crappy decision from NBC.


Brilliant!!!!! Hopefully if this is kept up community can be saved from the money grabbing accountants, saving the best most original comedy show in a long time


this is so awesome

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I used a pneumonic device. "Kevin Come Over For Gay Sex."


Annie will always be driven, Shirley will always be giving, Pierce will never apologize, Britta's sort of a wildcard from my perspective and Jeff will forever remain a conniving son of a bitch.