90210 Preview & Clip: "Mama Can You Hear Me?"

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Truths are about to get exposed on 90210.

Coming off a 2012 premiere that created new drama for a number of characters, fans can look forward to a new episode on Tuesday that centers around:

  • Naomi working with Holly.
  • Navid learning Greg's secret.
  • Annie discovering the truth about Liam's new girlfriend.

Get an early look at "Mama Can You Hear Me?" now, via an official preview and a sneak peek at Annie confronting the duplicitous woman in her ex's life:

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Disregard my last post I meant if you date Naomi your relationship is doom to fail


Gotta say if you date your relationship is doom to fail


Vanessa go mental hostipal Liam go back with annie live together Keep model and keep bar


Annie is doing the right thing with Liam. I would step in too. Be gone Vanessa!
Ugh! Navid, just seriously f**k off! I'm actually sick of you. It's none of your damn business!


So tired of Liam's relationships. First he gets stepped on by Naomi, then her sister, then Naomi again, then Annie happens - the only pairing I could actually deal with - then Annie's insane cousin, then not so dead fisher friend's wife and now this crazy chick? Please. Either put him with Annie or pair him with someone who isn't this psycho. I've seen Liam get played a hundred times and it's getting old. I am admittedly super excited for Andrinna's kid storyline. Navid being a part of it? Not so much.


Annie kills me with her acting *shudder* but act least she's steppin up


The episode yesterday(the day before yesterday for U) really had me catched! Just wanted to know how will annie and Liam survive this, will Vannesa be there or run away like Emily did last season!?
Will Dixon be an even greater jerk? How will Ade's and Maizy's reencounter look like!?
Will Naomi succide as a buisness women?
Will Ivy get a normal storyline?
And It's seems the show is getting on a better way!

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