90210 Review: Can You Hear Me Now?

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And... we're back! To the same old drama... the same old problems... and the same dysfunctional 90210.

In "Mama Can You Hear Me?" Annie continued to delve into Liam's new relationship with Vanessa to the point of being a nudge. Why, exactly, did she care so much that Vanessa was into Liam? Let it go, girl. She really should have gone to Carnegie Mellon.

Vanessa confessed all to Liam. After playing the sad, poor girl role, the latter fell for it hook, line and sinker. Blah blah blah. There's something hinky about that girl. We all know it. But after seeing Liam defend Vanessa, I'm officially convinced Liam is a himbo. Nice to look at but nothing between those ears.

Angry Michelle

Naomi decided to play savior with Holly and her mom, Rachel. Frankly, it seemed like a lost cause. "Superstar" Mitchell Nash was hilarious and probably very true-to-life, but, honestly, Rachel needed to take a chill pill. Who would've thought Naomi would be Holly's biggest cheerleader? As always, though, no good deed went unpunished. It got Naomi fired. But (surprise!) Holly and Naomi became fast friends. For now. The way that pendulum swung was dizzying.

And I have to point out that no one can rock an outfit the way Naomi can. Especially a fedora. Dixon and Ivy take note. Hot damn!

Navid figured out that Silver's new boyfriend, Greg, was Adrianna's daughter, Maizy's, new daddy. (Follow all that?) Silver accused him of not being able to move on. Random coincidence? Methinks not. Does anyone else think Greg is about as exciting as a newly-laid turd. Yawn.

Elsewhere, Ivy manipulated new beau, Nick, into being a Hollywood paparazzi instead of a wartime journalist. Are we really supposed to care about this doomed relationship? Snore. And, please, red bow ties should get you automatically shot on the red carpet, never mind the battlefield.

Also, Austin and Dixon bonded over heartbreak. And burned Holly's sorority house to the ground. Good times! And frankly the best part of this boring ass episode.

Seriously, if it hadn't been for the zippy, lightning-fast, one-liners being winged back and forth, this hour would have been better than an Ambien.

So... will Navid stick his nose where it doesn't belong just for the sake of friendship and reveal to Adrianna where her little girl ended up? Will Naomi and Holly become bosom buddies now? Will Vanessa continue to lead Liam by the nose to his eventual doom? Yes, yes and yes. But we'll see what next week brings!


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pls wake me up when that cowboy and Holly are gone.. Thanks.. zzzZZZZzzzz..

Leigh r

I'm confused, didn't Shannen Doherty adopt Adrianna's daugher?


Dixon and Austin's saga was boring. I mean, Austin's not a main character, so he should be gone considering him and Naomi are done. Navid could take Austin's room. Just a thought.
I'm proud of Silver. Glad she told Navid to piss off. As much as I love Silver, if she left for New York, it would make me happy to know she left happy. Nilver = horrible.
Why is Liam so ignorant about women? He's always the one to be saved over every other character. So dim-witted. It was really hypocritical that he told Annie to stay away considering his actions last year. Then again, if she did care, she would have come back early. But in all honesty, Annie, you have money. Hire a PI and find out as much as possible. The internet is not a "tell all" source.
In regards to the actual episode, did anyone else find that the most shocking thing was the sorority burning down? Hahaha, classic 90210. I hope next week opens up to Navid telling Adrianna. Seeing her reaction would be fantastic.


Why is it that every scene with Naomi was amazing? I love her career and where she (was and now will) be going. Much better than a guy in her way. Jen coming back though will probably put a hole into that.
Hated Navid. I actually can't stand him at all. Please, just leave the show. How dare he get involved. It's none of his business at all. I guarantee that if Adrianna wasn't with Dixon, he'd be cracking onto right about now. Such a pig.
I actually have to agree with @Holly. Annie is not my favorite character, but she had great intentions and I would have done the same thing. She did the right thing and Liam (and a few others) kept smiting her down for it. I can't wait for her to get rid of this Vanessa bitch.


is it strange that i want navid and ade and naomi and old liam back the writers are just ruining all the best stuff in the show. and i'm really angry with ivy for forgetting her "husband" what a great love ;)


Why is everyone getting on Annie's back? She did the RIGHT thing. No matter if it was Liam or even Navid. When you have some girl show up out of nowhere and then you start to discover that everything about her is a lie, I'm thinking you owe it to anyone you care about to let them know. For Annie to just leave once she saw that Vanessa had all of those ID's would have been wrong. What if this girl was a killer? Then when she confronted her, Vanessa actually said "You have no clue what I'm capable of." I don't know if any of you have ever been in love before but there is NO WAY I would just leave and move on with my life if I thought that this girl could do ACTUAL harm to my ex. Maybe she's trying to scam Liam to get his money, maybe she really does like him now. Either way Liam had a right to know everything she was keeping from him and he wouldn't have if it wasn't for Annie. Do you honestly think that Vanessa would have told Liam any of that if Annie didn't confront her about it?


Also I felt really bad for naomi.I don't think she deserved to get fired and annie when will you learn that liam is a duncehead? It was wrong of him to do that to her but liam was always a sucker for a pretty distressed girl


The only plausible reasoning I can think of for silver's crazy self wanting to go to ny is that she maybe wants to get maisy away from navid and adrianna..silver is becoming one sick bitch


I liked how everyone was asking why Annie hadn't left yet to Carnegie Mellon. I was wondering the extact same thing throughout the entire episode. Also, didn't Silver only recently start dating Greg? It's hard to believe she'd leave everything behind and was so certain she'd move to NY just to be with him. I'm excited for next week's episode with the amazing All American Rejects! They're my favorite band, and I've been listening to them forever.


I enjoy this show alot...but did they seriously think we would all really think that Niall Matter was the dad back in the first season that adopted Maisy? I think Niall is hot and like him but really??
Naomi does have a sweet side and I like that she got Holly and her mom together eventhough Holly is so mean and it got Naomi fired but it looks like Holly will be friends with Naomi now
OHH Liam you are so stupid...Annie may have tracked the motorcycle but she thought you were in danger and yet you treat her like crap and will end up forgiving Vanessa for almost KILLING you with her car!!! WTF
It looks like Ade is going to be friends with the group again!
I do not see a good end to Greg and Naomi
So Ivy is going to get a new love interest and will get into graffiti art. I guess they are trying to give her more air time
SO I think we can pretty much say Austin is useless now so why is he still on??

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