Alcatraz Series Premiere Review: Welcome to the Rock

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Alcatraz is sure to be a hit.

First, there's the general story of the prison inmates mysteriously disappearing and then reappearing in present day. Why? For what reason? Who's the person responsible?

Of course, gigantic questions like that aren't going to be answered right away, but the two-hour premiere offers plenty of exciting revelations and twists that are sure to keep you interested for the long haul. There's enough teasing of the grand mystery that has you hungry for more.

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Yet, even with a larger mythology already set in place, it is the characters who are deeply involved that bring the show to life.

I enjoyed Sarah Jones as Detective Rebecca Madsen. Not only does she hold a particular chip on her shoulder from her partner's death but she illustrates a drive and determination with each case, perfect for finding out the mystery of Alcatraz. And at the same time she's playful and lively, not dark and brooding.

Similarly, the discovery that her grandfather wasn't a guard but rather an inmate at the prison draws a personal connection to the cases. And to top that off, her grandfather happened to be the man she was chasing when her partner was killed. Her eagerness and rapport with the other characters make her more than just a gung ho female lead.

Jorge Garcia of Lost fame is as charismatic as ever, getting some of the most humorous lines. You can't help but enjoy his screen presence. Not only is his character, Diego Soto, an expert on Alcatraz, making him a viable part of the team, but his love for the comic book world makes his whole experience of the situation not simply steeped in intellectual dialogue. It's a wonderment that can be akin to any open-minded child.

And aside from lines about building the bat cave and not being able to keep his new job a secret because he's too excited about it, I love that he questions why no one seems to even blink an eye about the prisoners coming back. Plus, the fact that his question doesn't really get answered is funny because in a way it reflects how many viewers feel when it comes to shows filled with mystery. He may not be a rough and tumble character with a haunted past (that we know of) but he's fun to watch and adds a charm and lightheartedness to an otherwise serious type of show.

Sam Neil does a wonderful job playing the prickly and enigmatic Emerson Hauser. On the one hand, Emerson seems to be playing for "the good guys" but when he gets alone with the prisoners, a sort of dark side seems to creep out. He's on a mission to stop these guys, but there seems to be a lot more that he knows that he isn't letting on. I wouldn't be surprised if something deeply personal sparked his hunt.

Ernest Cobb Photo

What was up with his new bunker/prison that looked like it came right out of Return of the Jedi? I guess it's the new Alcatraz, but I just kept waiting for the Ewoks to pop up. Either way, he's not completely letting Rebecca and Diego in on all his secrets.

So, while the first hour was a fascinating introduction to the show, the second hour, "Ernest Cobb," quickly pushed the action forward, further revealing a certain procedural aspect to the series

It seems that there will be plenty of flashbacks (reminded me a lot of Cold Case) to delve into some of the aspects of the prison that coincide with the present day hunt. It provides for a fun mystery as to what these returned prisoners are doing while attempting to stop them in regular police fashion.

However, it's that mystery that proves most intriguing and gives those jaw dropping "what the heck" moments, much like the final scene revealing that Dr. Lucy Banerjee (does Emerson have romantic feelings for her?) hasn't aged since she worked at Alcatraz. Yes, she's not from present day time.

That shocking reveal spins off a million other questions as to why she's returned, what was her agenda back then and what she knows about the vanishing prisoners. I can't wait to learn more.

Alcatraz hits on all the key elements that make a show great and, while not as serialized as many of J.J. Abrams other shows (Lost, Alias), it does contain plenty of factors that make the series more than just hunting down criminals each week. Fox has another winner on its hands and I'm looking forward to seeing where this show takes its characters and the fascinating mystery that surrounds them.

Welcome to the Rock. Welcome to Alcatraz.

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The characters are flat,the writing is flatter and expository and cliche.WHY does a Government agent(who's life's work it is to catch the mysteriously disappeared inmates)look to a Comic book writing Doctor for insider information on inmates?It doesn't make any sense! In fact makes the story far less believable than if Sam Neill's character would START talking about the inmate, and then Doc jumped in. Doc supposedly got all of his info from the boxes of stuff stored under Alcatraz.Shouldn't 'special government branches' know their stuff inside out,it's only been 40 years of searching for these guys.
"You've been waiting for this, you knew this was going to happen" but apparently no one thought to do their homework on these criminals?
The whole thing reeks of 'convenience'writing. Not good storytelling at all.


This was a great start. I will be following. Interesting concept, and good acting.


Good start. I won't judge the minor problems (Madsen not freaking out about the time travel/her grandad) until I've seen 4-6 episodes. Although Madsen may be too intelligent, she did go in without back-up and got Lucy shot...Madsen is great. Soto is funny.


Shows looks good... promising... Every one has the same question which eventually Dr.Jorge Soto's has raised in the episode. Which if kept a secret and revealed in pieces will be a good show . How many of you have observed the weird coincidence of Castle (Cop and writer muse)


OK...Love Jorge, Like (usually love) Sam Neil, Sara Jones cute and probably a great actress but come on this is not her role. She looks 15 and is just not right for the tough guy part (Kate from Lost, sure; but this child, no)! That being said whoever played the part...there is NO WAY they grew up in San Fran and became a detective being told that their gramps was a guard that they didn't research or have it thrown in their face that he was an inmate, just would not happen. This show has some great potential but so far same ole tricks that they gave us before. Lucy never aging, Richard in drag? 63's, oh come on did you really need NUMBERS again? Mysterious hole in the woods remind you of anything? PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE start giving these characters some character, that's what made Lost so great. You could buy into the people if not the premise. I intend to keep watch, hoping that this doesn't just fizzle with a bunch of uninspired "twists" and "tricks".


I try to like this new series but my main problem is exactly what Dr.Jorge Soto's problem, how no one even blink considering this is weird situation - yet even Sarah Jones' character go along with it without even wondering how this could be happening Perhaps i'll give it another try


oh, and btw, Sam Neil is totally badass


wait, so did they time travel? I'm so confused- how does a dude from the 1960s know how to use like, automatic weapons etc?


I was incarcerated in Alcatraz IN 1960 and can I tell you a few stories of that place and them boys, but I'll tell you straight up there wasn't any "secret" rooms or "crazy" doctors or "sinister" blood lettings. I was in the infirmary several times and never once was bed down next to some guy who was backlit and who talked about some ominous "bad things" happening. The only thing ominous in the infirmary was the smell. Oh yeah, and none of the inmates I knew vanished... Thought I often wished my celly would have. He never shut up.

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