Californication Review: Cruel to Be Kind

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"Waiting for the Miracle" opened with yet another clothes-less colloquy between Hank and Charlie. These scenes have become some of may favorites.

Despite being somewhat tough to stomach, such as when Charlie emerged naked from his hot tub grime machine, the conversations between the long-time friends have been honest and heartfelt as they bared their souls to each other... among other things.

Both devoid of lovers, Hank and Charlie continually break the stereotype of men not talking about their feelings. They accept each other's dysfunctionality and provide a sounding board that is free of judgement, even if Charlie often forgets where the proverbial line is. His comment about Karen and Becca being killed by Hank's bunny boiler was just such an example.

You're a loser baby!

One of the best aspects of this series has always been the lack of any kind of censorship when it comes to discussions between Hank, Karen, Charlie and Marcy. Since the Runkles divorce, though, there has been a shortage of scenes in which all four characters appear together, which is why this week's dinner party was so refreshing to this long time fan.

The subject of sex - or, more specifically, sex toys - was the perfect subject matter to provide the brand of verbal jousting that has been lacking in recent episodes. Newcomers to the fray, like Stu and Bates, held their own in a conversation about sexual proclivities, which included references to dildos, girth, anal and tantric sex. 

The most startling revelation of the night, however, came from Carrie, who realized there was no future with Hank because, unlike his friends, he has yet to move on from his past. Her description of the way he treated her as stealing, once you got past the vulgarities, was spot on and the look on Hank's face proved it.  

Last week, I implored the show's writers to help Hank find his way back East so he could reconnect with the Moody of old that has made this show so great, but I realize now I was wrong to do so. While watching Hank go through his series of meaningless flings is always entertaining, the reminder we got tonight that he has done so while still clinging to some idealized version of he and Karen's love story was just tragic.  

While I understand for some watching Hank bounce from bed to bed while waiting for the band to get back together is part of the show's draw, Karen's comments tonight pretty much assured us and Hank of that scenario's improbability. 

While Prema-Charlie's date with the virgin Mary went better than expected, I think it is only a matter of time before Lizzie (Camilla Luddington) gives her new boss another shot.

That, of course, will leave Hank even more alone. Either he is set to meet someone new or Bates will meet an untimely death. I hope the first option comes to fruition as I have very much enjoyed the latter's increased role this season. What do you think? Will Hank find love or continue to bend over and take it, Hollywood Style?


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I think iPhone became a disadvantage for Hank's. Charlie caught him by tracking Hank's iPhone. That was a very nice scene when Karen sees them together in less clothes and not gets shocked as usual. She must be used to for seeing all this stuff.


i was actually talking to chris earlier how much i have enjoyed this season compared to recent which i found to be somewhat excessive, and its been a blast so far. the big take away for me after this weekends episode, was the scene at the dinner table, where i finally realized that Hank really is a loser. hes a wonderful man, capable of so much, but hes really become a loser as he continues to womanize and carry on as though hes still 23 years old. and when he was telling karen that he was still waiting for her, i just found it to be exceptionally pathetic, and i started to feel bad for him. hes a lost soul, and i dont know that he will ever find true happiness. and while i dont think karen is nearly as happy with her new man as she could be with hank, i dont think hank will ever get another shot. karen has clearly allowed herself to move on as best she can, and she should! hopefully this can serve as a wake up call to hank moody.

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From day 1, Californication has been the best dammmm :30 mins on TV. One of the many reasons to have pay cable , and not have to watch any of those mindless/ halfwit s*itcoms on network television.

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