Castle Clips: "'Till Death Do Us Part"

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Jingle bells will be replaced by wedding bells on Monday's new episode of Castle, as Ryan exchanges vows with long-time girlfriend Jenny.

I'll post an interview with star Seamus Dever over the weekend, regarding his character's big day, but first let's take a look at a couple scenes from "'Till Death Do Us Part," shall we?

In the first, Castle and Beckett take in a crime scene. In the second, we watch Ryan down a cleansing shake, while Esposito receive some bad news about the wedding and who might be coming. Watch for yourself:

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Why get married on a Sunday? I agree, Castle and Beckett should be going to the wedding together. Whats up with that? The writers like to frustrate us!


Can't wait , however doesn't it strike anyone else as funny aka odd that Castle and Beckett aren't going to the wedding together even as friends?
Call me crazy I just figured they'd both go together.
More writer stuff trying to ramp up the angst I spose.

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