Castle Review: Dirty Politics

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Following a somewhat disappointing 2012 premiere, Castle returned this week with "Dial M for Mayor," an installment that investigated the death of an author involved with Mayor Weldon.

Before we discuss the forward-moving episode, let’s give a quick shout out and congratulations to Nathan Fillion and the cast of Castle for their big wins at the People’s Choice Awards. Fillion won for Favorite TV Drama Actor and the show won for Favorite TV Crime Drama. Take that CSI!

Castle, Beckett and the Mayor

After last week’s wedding pick-up artist episode, hopes were high that the show would rebound with one of its kooky and entertaining hours. Although it wasn’t the most intense outing we’ve encountered, it set the tone for the rest of the season and laid the stepping stones for important information.

To wit:

  • Alexis is bored and is looking for something else to do, possibly an internship. 
  • The Mayor is needed in office to keep Castle in place to prevent Beckett from snooping. 
  • There are people who control the city. Who are they?
  • Gates is on the detectives’ sides.
  • This was a welcome guest stint from Derek Webster aka Mayor Weldon. I wouldn’t mind having him pop in more often.
The Mysterious Man Is Back. Castle received a call from the man who had previously helped him out with Beckett’s murder investigation of her mother. At first I was thrown by the call. There hasn’t been any mention of the prior situation and it pretty much popped back out of nowhere. The spooky voice met Castle in an even spookier parking lot to let him know he's a pawn. The Mayor has to stay in office to keep Castle at the station to keep Beckett from looking into her mother’s case. I couldn’t help thinking about the old Michael Douglas movie, The Game.
This is an unexpected twist in a series long mystery. We don’t need the Beckett files constantly, but it is nice to be reminded of one of the underlying issues. Who is behind all of this? Hopefully it won’t take too much longer to figure it all out.

The Goddess. The weekly case took us into the world of a woman author who had been working as a sex line operator for her latest book project. Information she heard over the phone led her to investigate undercover at the Mayor’s office where a scandal was going down. Not surprisingly, the investigation led the detectives to one of the Mayor’s assistants. This was definitely predictable, but him not being the killer wasn’t. Who did he call that performed the murder? Any guesses?
After Thoughts:
  • There was absolutely no mention of Ryan’s wedding. He was just back at work, guess he didn’t take a honeymoon. No talk of how fun it was or anything. Kind of a let down considering we only saw a few minutes of it in the first place.
  • Castle totally used Siri on his iPhone 4s. Pure awesomeness. 
  • Nathan Fillion got a shout out on the last episode of The Big Bang Theory. Both shows = total fun.
Even though this wasn’t a stellar episode, it moved the story forward. Now if we could only get some headway with Caskett, things would be great.
There have been a few really great episodes this season, and some not so much. Here is hoping that one of the upcoming are going to rock our worlds before we get in a Castle slump. I am looking forward to either a tension filled, serious crime hour (a la "Countdown" and "Setup") or an extremely kooky fun and unpredictable episode.
What do you think, TV Fanatics.? Is Castle giving us episodes that don’t live up to their potential? Or are our expectations too high for the series and we have come to expect awesomeness every week? Either way, sound off and let us know what you thought of "Dial M for Mayor” and check back for the Castle Round Table later this week. 


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I'm surprised by the negative reaction to the "Beckett Files." (love that coinage reviewer!) Last week one of the complaints was that the conspiracy hadn't been mentioned or dealt with since Rise. This week it was dealt with and people are upset? The story explains why no one has bothered Castle until now - they had no reason to. For me, the Caskett stuff was there in the sense that SOMETHING has changed. We don't know what happened at that wedding, but Beckett is now privately referring to Castle as Rick. She's listening to him more, and even when they argued it was... different. Stana & Nathan seem to have shifted the characters' dynamic to something more intimate, as if there's been another conversation about their relationship...and maybe a slow dance or two. I'm curious to see what other new layers are revealed. Oh, and I like the relationship developing between Gates and Beckett, their scene was really good.


Eh sometimes i wish they would just finish the storyline about Becket's mom, yeah i know its the big series story but its really annoying that its only mentioned once or twice each season and then forgotten about.


As usual loved the show. It wasn't he best show but I wouldn't miss any of them


Pros:They laid the ground work for continuance of the Raglan case, and the threat for Castle to keep KB out of her mothers murder since her shooting. The writers should have titled this episode, "The Pawn is moved," directing the show to a season cliffhanger over how somebody will use Castle to block the investigation of Johanna Beckett's murder/coverup.
Con:Not even an opening line about Ryan's return from honeymoon. No partner chit-chat between Ryan and Javier about Castle's remark to Ryan about any links of the mayors investigation and KB and her mother's murder. Why wouldn't he. Those two are tight partners.


This weeks episode was confusing. Why did the "man in the dark" show up? It seemed out of context to get back to Beckett'w mom's murder. I thought that was over with. The writers are running low. The story was about this girl who was very well educated becoming a caller on sex line. Not a plausable premise. Then they brought in about the murder of Kate's mom again. Please!!!! Too many things going on at the same time. Lou


I'm going to offer my opinion about how it should have been done, it's stated quite clearly "sound off and tell us what you thought". Not sound off and give us a review.
In any case we're limited to 1000 words and no word counter!
Yes, the hypocrisy did occur to me not only for the Captain but also Beckett's biased statement she gave Castle a hard time about being biased with the Mayor when she was clearly biased when Castle was taken hostage in the bank.
I might add that biased part from that Ep was what I loved most about her.


Love the show. Never miss it. Not a fan of the Captain


I was wondering to why The Ryan Wedding had zero said about it. I to would have thought they would have asked about married life, talked about happenings at reception, asked about Honeymoon, Ryan being tired after his return etc.
And yes will they dig into who was contacted to kill her and by who. And Beckett go and talk to Jordan Norris in jail? or will he come up committing "suicide" in jail? Lots of questions.


@MigalouchUD - that's an excellent observation. I just re-watched 'Knockdown' to see if it lived up to my memory of it. A much better episode than 'Dial M' both in terms of moving the conspiracy forward and the relationship forward. It is especially interesting to watch it now that we know about Montgomery. Puts him being so strong about keeping her off the Raglan case in a whole new light.


What premire did you watch? Except for the fact I wish we'd seen part of the wedding, I loved it. You guys - please stop putting your opinions in the reviews. Just review. TY

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