Castle Round Table: "Till Death Do Us Part"

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Castle took viewers to the chapel on the first new episode of 2012, as Ryan exchanged vows with Jenny on "Till Death Do Us Part."

Below, our Round Table team of Jim Garner, Chandel Charles, Courtney Morrison and Christine Orlando break down the ceremony, the case of the week and a lot more. As always, reader feedback is encouraged...


Were you disappointed there was no actual wedding/reception shown?
Jim: I wasn't. While I think that a reception could have been fun, having it end when Castle and Beckett walked in was appropriate for the show.

Chandel: Yes, while I appreciated the attempts to depict some aspects of the wedding, mainly Jenny's dress and Ryan's tux, I would have LOVED to see more. MUCH more!

Courtney: Absolutely! I was expecting more time devoted to Ryan’s wedding, not just the last few minutes. Although the little bit we saw was sweet, I would much rather have preferred to see the detectives having some fun at the reception or even Ryan and Jenny in their ceremony. It was definitely a let down.

Christine: It was hyped as a wedding episode and then we barely glimpsed the long awaited wedding... so, yeah, I was a little disappointed. That said, I still really enjoyed the episode. I just wish they could have given us romantics a few more moments.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Do you agree with Castle or Beckett? Should they have told Ryan that Jenny was in the book?
Jim: I agree with Castle and Espo. As a close friend, you have an obligation to share what you know. I wasn't the least bit surprised the Ryan already knew, given how close he and Jenny are. I figured it would have already come up at home at least once. In fact, kudos to the writers for going that direction, and not making it a "drama point" in the show. 

Chandel: I'm not sure with whom I would have sided on this one. I would have hoped that Jenny had come clean, which happened to be the case. But I loved that Castle and Beckett were surprised at the reality that Ryan was aware and it didn't phase him at all. Neither were wrong or right at the same time. I want a relationship like that!

Courtney: Hard question to answer. As a girl, you of course want to tell your friend about their spouse. But then again, the date was in the book and was clearly a long time ago. I’m going with... staying out of it. That business is between Ryan and Jenny, not the other detectives. Besides, it was in the book. Ryan could have easily found it himself.

Christine: If I'm in Beckett's shoes, I'd keep my mouth shut, but I understood Esposito needing to say something. He and Ryan are more like brothers.

Should Kate and Rick tell each other the number of people they've slept with in the past?
Jim: No. It never ends the way you hope and honestly isn't something anyone should care about, aside from giving assurances that no diseases are involved.

Chandel: I don't think it's necessary or relevant. Unless it's something that directly impacts their relationship with one another, IKate and Rick's relationship should be about them together in the now.

Courtney: Nooooo! These two people had lives before they met each other and they are not even in a relationship to be sharing that kind of personal information. Of course Kate has guys in her past, she’s freakin beautiful. And Castle is a famous author in NYC; hello, ladies! I think the only stuff that matters is what has gone down since the two started their “working relationship."

Christine: I agree that here in real life the answer is definitely NO. But wouldn't you love to witness these two characters having that conversation? I know I would.

Would you like to see Lanie and Esposito get back together?
Jim: Yes. They are so damn cute together, I adored the confession scene where Lanie admits her date is gay and Espo admits his date is his cousin. 

Chandel: Yes. They shouldn't have broken up in the first place. Enough said.

Courtney: Over the course of this season, I have developed quite the crush on Javi and can not understand why anyone would break up with him. I don’t care if it was him or her that dumped the other. These two need to work it out and quick. Espo needs some loving, too, and things don’t look like they are going to well or he wouldn’t have had to bring his cousin as his date! I am all for a Lanie/Espo reunion.

Christine: I've loved these two since their first flirtations back in season two. Bring back EspLanie!

What was your favorite scene?
Jim: The scene where Castle is running down his spy theory and he gets to the end where Beckett usually inserts a bit of reason and she goes "Dammit, I've got nothing better." Such a great moment showing the two of them working off each other.

Chandel: Kate's quip to Castle that "maybe third time's the charm," which was quickly followed by their arm-in-arm stint down the aisle to their seats. A nice way to end the episode.

Courtney: I really liked the small but sweet wedding scene; mostly because everyone was so happy and looked so gorgeous. Ryan and his real life wife looked so excited, Javi was rocking that suit. Beckett looked absolutely gorgeous and her and Castle got to walk down the aisle together (even if it was only to their seats). A perfect few minutes.

Christine: I loved the scene where Beckett asks him who his plus one is and he's going on and on about this amazing woman. Even though it was obvious to viewers he was talking about Alexis, you could see Kate's heart drop. I hope she finally confesses she has feelings for him soon. I'm dying for some Caskett romance.


where are the roundtables for dial m for mayor and the latest episode?


Did I miss the followup of the Peoples' Choice Awards? I was happy that Nathan won and got up on stage . Why did they make Stana stay seated when she recieved the award for favorite tv crime drama! The whole gang including the writers and producers should of gone up on stage to give a speech just like Hot in Cleveland did!


1 - I enjoyed the symbolism of Beckett and Castle walking down the aisle together, but I was disappointed that we didn't see a bit of the actual ceremony. Showing Kevin and Jenny exchanging vows would have been the perfect backdrop for a charged look between Castle and Kate and I would have been happy with that ending too.
2 - I would have sided with Kate and let sleeping dogs lie.
3 - There's no way they should be telling each other their numbers. That's in the past and has no relevance to their relationship.
4 - I'd like to see Lanie and Espo get back together eventually. I enjoy their sass!
5 - I had too many scenes that I enjoyed to just pick one but I do want to highlight a couple of my favorite one liners from the episode - "Now I wish I'd pushed him!" and "You dog!" and "I told you we were bad ass!"


It bothered me at first that we didn't see more of the wedding, but the writers had a good reason for doing this. There was a wedding ep in season 2, and they don't want to burn us out on weddings, do they? At least not before we get to the Caskett wedding, which is sure to be epic when it finally rolls around. ;)


I think Kate is right about the numbers thing- sometimes, for the sake of a relationship, it’s better not to tell. I think that Kate's number would be substantially higher than Rick's for several reasons. We know that Castle used to be a playboy ladies man, but think about the amount of time that he has been dating, engaged, and married. I am inclined to think that he was faithful to Meredith and Gina, and he was with Kyra for 3 years! He also had a child to look after for much of his life, leaving less time for women. And remember that the society ladies call him "the white whale" meaning that they all want him, but can't "hook" him. Beckett, on the other hand, has had many boyfriends, as described during the course of the show. She had a "wild child" phase and dated a lot of different guys. She has never been married, and has no kids, so I think it is likely that she has been with more people than Castle has.


1. I liked the way the episode ended. I didn't need to see the ceremony or the reception. I've learned a long time ago to disregard show promos - it's never what they tell us :-) 2. Yes and no. It depends on who's telling and who's being told. If either one is a drama queen/king, then let it alone. However, if the person who holds the secret is genuinely concerned AND close to the person that the secret affects (who has to be a reasonable human being), then let it all out. 3. Of course not. No good could come of that. 4. I'd like them together eventually, but I'm enjoying the tension between them right now. The writers are actually giving us a reason to root for them. 5. My fave scene was with all 4 of them at the table, where poor Ryan finally gets some food and surprises them by already knowing about Jenny.


David - I completely agree with your final comment, but with a caveat. Castle is keeping a secret as well, so there is huge potential for everything to blow up. My guess is that the season finale will be them 'breaking up' and the premiere next fall will bring them back together somehow. In the meantime, let's just enjoy all the teasing the writers are giving us.


1. Too much hype not enough substance
2. Yes. However I would have left the book open at the picture and left the open book at Ryan's desk for him to discover it for himself.
3. I believe Rick actually has more than Kate but in my experience once you start throwing numbers about like that it tends to backfire into needless arguments. Case in point 4 weddings and a funeral.
4. Don't care. They were never enough of a TV couple for me to be invested in.
Fav scene.. Meh.
To being truthful in a relationship for the most part, yes, or it'll bite you in the ass usually sometime unexpected.
This whole did Kate hear the "I love you", from Rick has huge potential to actually destroy what they have now. Once it comes out, and it will come out, she's going to have to do some serious explaining.
Honestly I'd write it with Rick not being so forgiving about that. I'd actually separate them for a bit then bring them back together in really passionate way, with kisses! (hint)


Regarding your two questions about telling the truth in relationships, the truth always comes out. That's why honesty really is the best policy. And that isn't just a trite saying or a moral lecture. If a person can't handle the truth early on in a relationship, then it will hurt a whole lot more later on when they've even more invested, both emotionally and financially. (I'm speaking from experience here - wishing a friend had told me what they knew about the man I later married and found out the truth about the really HARD, EXPENSIVE way.) Telling the truth to a friend or to a significant other always is the hardest way. But they will learn the truth in the long run even if it's only that there's a distance between you that can't be crossed as you attempt to hide the truth from them.


Have to agree with Kelly, waiting for the "foreplay between Castle and Beckett at the "wedding/reception". Needed some more elaboration on the subject!!!!!

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